The Underrated Europe Bucket List: 75 Unique Places You Need to Visit

Kelsie Colclough | Live the World

July 4, 2022

Add these unique places to your Europe bucket list!

Where are the best places to go in Europe? We know from trip planning that there is no one size fits all. That’s why we have an absolutely massive list of the very best and most unique places in Europe, so you can find the best experiences for you. We contacted travel excerpts, bloggers, travel writers and more to get you the most unique places.

Some of the best places in Europe are the capital cities like London and Paris. But for your next journey, you should include these underrated places to your bucket list.

All across Europe are hidden gems you won’t expect, but will come to love. Here is our list of the top places to go in Europe!

1. Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, Spain

One of Europe’s best kept secrets! Located in the Almeria of Spain is the country’s biggest protected coastal area. Spain always makes the list for must visit destinations in Europe, partly thanks to its gorgeous beaches. But Cabo de Gata-Nijar is one of Spain’s best kept secrets. Wander the sandy beaches to find secret coves and some of the most beautiful places by the sea.

2. Colosseum, Rome

We know this is one must-see that is on every Europe bucket list, but some places are popular for a reason. The Colosseum is the largest amphitheatre ever made, and stands proudly today as one of the most well-known historical landmarks in the world. Rome is a must-have on any itinerary, since it has so many unforgettable things to see in one place.

3. The Black Forest, Germany

Ever been to Germany before? One of Europe’s most beautiful mountain ranges is hidden away in the southwest of the country on the border to France. Like a forest of fairy tales, the woodlands and mountains are known as Schwarzwald to the locals. The mountain range is about as far from being urban as you can get, but still has amazing things to do like cute villages to visit and luxury spas. The Black Forest is a must-do bucket list experience for any trekkers making their way around Europe.

4. Amorgos, Greece

The dazzling Greek island of Amorgos is an underrated gem according to travel experts at and even with a quick visit, you’ll soon agree. Amorgos is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. Plus, it’s only reachable via the ferry so while it does get some tourists you can expect a relaxing trip as you take in the sunshine of Greece.

5. Eiffel Tower, Paris

Once again, the Eiffel Tower is one of those must-visit landmarks everyone needs to see at least once. You won’t be the only one with the tower on your go-to list. Ever since it was made, over 250 million people have paid the Eiffel Tower a visit, and it’s the most visited monument in France. Want to avoid the crowd? Visit in the winter on a weekday and you’re guaranteed a much shorter queue to the top of this must-see European destination.

6. Bruges, Belgium

Welcome to one of the most romantic cities in the world. Bruges is unique and stands out from the crowd of amazing cities because of its romantic atmosphere and mediaeval history. Walking through Bruges is one experience no one should miss on your Europe travels. Bruges is a pretty popular city to visit. Its picturesque canals, Rozenhoedkaai, Bonifacius Bridge, and the Basilica of Holy Blood all get plenty of visitors every year. Bruges is an easy gem to add to your Europe trip! The city is easily reached on the train from London, Paris, Brussels and more.

7. Ushguli, Georgia

This village is a world heritage site, but it has escaped so much attention thanks to its remote location. It’s the most remote village in all of Georgia and one of the highest villages in all Europe at 7,000 feet high in the mountains. Ughuli has beautiful views of glaciers in the mountains in the summer and a gorgeous snowy landscape in the winter.

8. Edinburgh, Scotland

Ediburgh is often called the most beautiful city in the United Kingdom. Located in Scotland, Edinburgh also ranks in the top 10 of most beautiful cities in Europe according to Rough Guides. As you explore the city, you feel like you’ve stumbled into a world straight out of a fictional book. Historical buildings, gorgeous architecture, and hidden gems line every corner. The city is known as the first UNESCO City of Literature and has a strong and unique cultural scene.

9. Mount Elbrus, Russia

You have to have backpacking in Russia on your bucket list this year. Take a hike solo or bring the whole friend group for a beginner friendly travels into the mountains of Russia. Located in Russia, the mountain is the highest peak in the Caucasus mountain range. Fun fact: this mountain is actually a dormant volcano. Grab your winter gear and start climbing up the snow: the peak elevation is 5642m!

10. Vinnufallet, Norway

Did you know that the highest waterfall in Europe is located in Norway? Not a lot of tourists know about Vinnufallet. It’s a bit difficult to find and tucked away near the village of Sunndalsøra, so most visitors travelling to Norway miss this secret gem altogether. The waterfall is 865m high. Climb to the top to get a view of the valley, then trek into the woodlands for a great hike in Norway’s beautiful countryside.

11. Isola di Sant'Andrea, Venice, Italy

Of course Venice is a must-visit! But Venice is the tourist capital of Italy. If you want to find some unique places to visit here, you’ll have a difficult time. But we’ve found one place almost totally untouched by tourist traffic. The Isola di Sant’Andrea is a secret spot with a view of Venice's water in an old fortress. After taking in the sights, head over to San Marco (the busy touristy part of the city) to continue on your travels knowing you’ve experienced one part of Venice most never see.

12. Gorges de la Restonica, Corsica

Corsica is a beautiful island of France. But to see the best this place has to offer, head over to La Restonica valley. You’ll be trekking up to two lakes in the valley. Lac de Melu is especially gorgeous and really only known to trekkers and locals. This part of Europe is almost totally untouched by tourists. Add Corsica to your list quickly before this destination gets discovered.

13. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sure, it’s an obvious one but Amsterdam is one of the best places to visit. This city in the Netherlands is known for its charming canals. Hop on a boat tour to enjoy the romantic vibes. But, we know, everyone comes to Amsterdam for a boat tour.

Here’s our top tip for you! One thing you can do to make your trip to Amsterdam more unique is to hop aboard the Plastic Whale to fish out plastic from Amsterdam’s canals. Add a bit of unusual flavour to your travels in Europe.

14. Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic

Ever heard of the Bone Church? Yes, that name is literal! Located in Kutná Hora, the Sedlec Ossuary is famous for the thousands of real human bones built into its walls and decor. It’s one of the best things to see in the Czech Republic and it’s pretty close to Prague too. Though it is a tourist hotspot, the Bone Church is a seriously unusual sight to see and definitely worth having on your travel list.

15. Brisighella, Italy

We absolutely love Italy. There’s secret places all over the country, but Brisighella village is free from crowds and is a photographer’s paradise all in one. The village doesn’t have any major attractions, but its few landmarks make this must-visit place shine like its 14th century castle.

16. Guaita Tower, San Marino

San Marino itself is one of the best places to visit, but wondering what to do when you get there? Check out one of the most unique things in San Marino’s capital. Towering over Città di San Marino is an 11th century fortress. There’s three towers to explore and gorgeous views of the city to see!

17. Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, Iceland

Iceland has some of the best canyons in Europe, but Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon is a must have on your list, especially for the hikers among us. While Fjaðrárgljúfur is super ancient (like Ice Age ancient!), it’s starting to get a bit of attention for its stunning look.

18. Buckingham Palace, England

An iconic symbol of the UK, Buckingham Palace is one of the top tourist attractions of the capital. Located in the heart of London, Buckingham Palace itself is mostly just a landmark and photospot. Once you’ve checked it out and watched the guards, check out the nearby Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament for a uniquely British experience.

19. Ghent, Belgium

You’ll need more than one day to get the best out of Ghent. But if we can recommend only one must-see landmark to add to your next journey, then check out Gravensteen Castle. Once home to a group of Counts, the castle is now one of the most iconic castles in Belgium. Belgium's beautiful castles aren’t to be missed!

20. Faroe Islands

The unique Faroe Islands are so pretty no one would blame you for thinking it’s just a set of a fantasy movie. The 18 islands are located between Iceland and Norway. Drangarnir, an unusual rock formation in the sea, is one of the most unique sights to see on the islands. But wherever you wander, the islands are a real treat to visit.

21. St. Michael’s Mount, England

Cornwall is one of the most visited parts of England. Located in the South East, this part of England has some gorgeous sights. St. Michael’s Mount has some especially unique history and views to see. Best seen in the summertime, the castle and gardens are some of the underrated gems of England.

22. Lake Matka, Macedonia

Lake Matka is one of the best places to go in Macedonia. It’s actually an artificial lake, but that doesn’t matter when you’re enjoying the view. The lake and canyon is pretty close to the capital Skopje. If you’ve already got Skopje on your list, make sure you add the nearby lake on a day trip. You won’t regret it!

23. The Palace of Pena, Portugal

Known as the Palácio da Penae by locals, this palace is one of the most unique buildings you can visit in Europe. Brighter than day, the palace is a memorable sight to see from Lisbon. Head up to the Sintra Mountains to get inside and check it out for yourself.

24. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and one of the best cities to go when you’re travelling around. It’s definitely one of the most visited cities in Europe. And it’s no wonder why! Lisbon has some gorgeous architecture. Sure, it looks pretty in photos - but it’s even better in person.

25. Giethoorn, Netherlands

Sometimes the Venice of the Netherlands, Giethoorn is a beautiful village connected by canals. Boat tours are extremely popular here, but we actually recommend adding this European village as your next cycling destination. There’s nothing better than zipping by on wheels and taking in the sights.

26. Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

Located along the edge of Northern Ireland is one of the most unique landscapes around. Step along the ancient rocks - this unusual place was formed after a volcanic eruption centuries ago. Come in the early hours of the day to avoid other tourists - the causeway does get a lot of attention online and selfie goers for its unique look.

27. Popeye Village, Malta

The island of Malta is one of the best places to go this year. So if you’re after your next holiday destination, Malta should definitely be on your list. But why this village? Well, the village is actually the film set of the movie 'Popeye' from 1980 about the spinach-loving sailor. These days, Popeye Village is a theme park and is full of quirky things to do.

28. Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain

It doesn’t get more unique than this! Stencil de las Bodegas is a gorgeous town full of white houses built into the side of a cliff. It’s literally a hidden gem in the rocky mountains. The town itself is a gorgeous sight to see, but there's tons of stuff to do here too. Check out the Roman Ruins of Acinipo, and don’t miss the view from the T tower above town - the Torreón del Homenaje.

29. Green Lake, Austria

Can you guess why this place made our must-visit list? It’s a gorgeous gem of nature. The beautiful waters of Green Lake are a mysterious emerald green. The water is best seen from the nearby hills above. Up until recently, you could dive into the lake but for now that’s no longer allowed. While you can’t swim in the waters, you’ll definitely be swimming in nature’s beauty.

30. San Sebastian, Spain

Calling all foodies! San Sebastian, a beach town in Spain, needs to be your next European destination. On our travels, we’ve yet to find a town with more Michelin Star restaurants than San Sebastian. It’s known as the “Food Capital of the World” for good reason. Make sure to show up with an appetite.

31. Grundarfjörður, Iceland

Grundarfjörður seems to be a charming fishing town at first sight. That’s not wrong, but it’s also the perfect place to go to dig into Iceland’s best outdoor gems. Mount Kirkjufell is the #1 attraction here, but don’t forget to see the nearby waterfall of Kirkjufellsfoss.

32. Sistelo, Portugal

Portugal has some pretty farming villages, but out of all of them we think Sistelo is underrated. Surrounded by farming steeps in the hills, the village is a gem to see from a distance. As you explore the village and area on your travels, don’t forget about the Ecovia do Vez - Passadiço do Sistelo which is a great hiking area through some of the best woodlands Portugal has to offer.

33. Perast, Montenegro

Perast is one coastal town you shouldn’t miss when you travel to Montenegro. Photos of the town just don’t do it justice. Perast has gorgeous buildings, views, and is close to major attractions on the Bay of Kotor.

34. Karwendel Alps, Austria

Get your gear ready and begin the trek up the highest mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps. You can take up the cable car from Mittenwald for awesome views or trek all the way over to Germany. This is the perfect place for our outdoorsy lovers.

35. Valencia, Spain

As the third biggest city in Spain, Valencia does get plenty of visitors from across Europe. But, in general, it’s actually underrated by international travellers. Spain has lots of beautiful historical streets, and Valencia has its fair share of history along with pretty modern vibes, and is home to great restaurants. Visit Valencia for a trendy city trip!

36. Varna, Bulgaria

Ever been to Bulgaria before? If it’s not on your bucket list already, Varna is a great place to start exploring the country. Welcome to the Pearl of the Black Sea. Varna has tons to do on its seaside resort, but the city also has tons of history museums and Roman baths to see.

37. Slovak Paradise National Park, Slovakia

Slovakia has nine national parks - and the Slovak Paradise is our top choice, especially for hiking. Climb ladders, scale rocky walls, and cross the rivers along the canyons and gorges of the national park. There’s no better hike to add to your travel itinerary.

38. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague always tops the list of cities to visit in the entire world, let alone Europe. The capital of the Czech Republic always sees tons of tourists. If you want to make your trip more unique, you’ll have to discover our picks for Prague’s hidden gems.

39. Zermatt, Switzerland

Located in the south of Switzerland is one of the best ski resorts. Sitting at an elevation of 1,600m, Zermatt is THE place to go for a winter trip in Europe. Skiing, ice skating, and hockey are all fun to do activities here. But the resort has plenty of restaurants and boutique shops too. It’s the perfect place for all types of travellers.

40. York, England

Once you get out of London, you’ll soon find unique cities to visit just a train ride away. York lies in the north of England. Famous for its architecture and long history, York is known for its vast cathedral - the York Minster.

41. Carcassonne, France

Carcassonne is a beautiful medieval town in France. Incredibly resorted, there are few towns like this in Europe where you feel like you’ve travelled back in time. There are stunning sights around every corner.

42. The Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia is one country you shouldn’t forget on your bucket list. But here’s one unique thing to do that so many tourists skip by. The Museum of Broken Relationships is totally devoted to heartbreak stories. Not for the faint of heart.

43. Neolithic houses, Bulgaria

Travel to the village of Chevdar and enter the Topolnitsa Archaeological Park. Here, you’ll find neolithic houses. That alone would be enough reason to visit, but here’s the unique thing about it:You can spend the night in one of these houses and experience what life was like back in the Stone Age. Channel your inner caveman in an experience like no other.

44. Cube Houses, Netherlands

Rotterdam has some interesting sights, but the Cube Houses (“Kubuswoningen”) make the top of the list. People do actually live in these unique homes, but there is one you can visit. You can even book a room and stay overnight!

45. La Charmille, Belgium

Hidden in the Wallonia region of Belgium, the Tunnel of Love is a gorgeous walking path and romantic place to go untouched by most tourists. Best seen outside of winter, La Charmille is a charming European hidden gem we highly recommend for all you couples out there. Belgium has some gorgeous hidden romantic places.

46. Turaida Castle, Latvia

Europe has some great castles, but this is one that often gets overlooked. Turaida Castle was only reconstructed recently. Enter the castle for a peek into Latvian history. But, even better, you get a great view of Sigulda town and the surrounding forest. Visit in autumn for amazing views of the forest.

47. Lednice-Valtice, Czech Republic

Every time you visit the Czech Republic, you’ll find something new. To the south of Prague you’ll find the hidden beauty of Lednice-Valtice. Home to a pretty castle, the highlight here is the botanical gardens. It’s one of the prettiest places in the South Moravian Region.

48. Crooked Forest, Poland

Here’s another reason to add Poland to your next trip around Europe. When you go into the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise. The Crooked Forest is one of the most unusual sights in the country. The trees have a 90 degree bent in their trunk. A sight you’ll really need to see to believe.

49. Isola Bella, Italy

Isola Bella lies off the north coast of Italy. It lives up to its name! You can get here on the ferry, but we recommend riding the cable car via Pirandello to Mazzarò. From there it’s a short walk and well worth it for the view. The island has a terraced garden villa that is well worth checking out. While you’re here, check out the family run restaurants and cafes.

50. Stonehenge, England

Come and see one of Europe’s most unique attractions. Stonehenge is an unsolved mystery. To this day, no one is 100% sure why this ancient landmark was built. We just know that when you’re looking for the best sights to see outside of London, Stonehenge is a must.

51. Kaplica Czaszek, Poland

The Chapel of Skulls is a must-see located in Kudowa-Zdró. The Chapel of Skulls is macabre and gothic like the Bone Church of the Czech Republic, but is way more unknown. This unique chapel is just one of those things that makes Poland extra special.

52. Gozo Island, Malta

Floating in the Mediterranean Sea is the second biggest island of Malta. The coastal views here are stunning, and they somehow get even better when you dive into the water. Take a dip into the deep blue sea. Gozo Island is one of the places in Europe to go diving.

53. High Tatras, Slovakia

Mountains are a must. But which range to choose first? The High Tatra mountain range goes along the northern Slovakian border and southern Poland. They’re the smallest alpine mountain range in the world. It’s often overlooked by backpackers, but is cheaper and offers amazing views in every season.

54. The Arctic Circle, Tromso, Norway

The town of Tromso is located within the Arctic Circle - aka the land of polar bears and snow. While polar bears don’t really make their way here, you do get a great view of the Northern Lights here. Tromso is also one of the highest places you can visit in Europe.

55. Falknästet, Sweden

This one is actually a hotel, but it’s one of the most exclusive hotel rooms to book in Sweden. Held inside a former lighthouse, the Falcon’s Nest has an unbeatable view of the ocean from its location on the peninsula.

56. Andorra la Vella, Andorra

Nestled between France and Spain is the tiny country of Andorra. This tiny slice of Europe is known for its ski resorts and shopping streets. Take a break from your European travels and treat yourself. Andorra is home to duty–free goods and goodies - everything from luxury clothes to wine can be found here in the shopaholic’s paradise.

57. Museums of Vatican City

It doesn’t get more unique than Vatican City, folks. The Roman Catholic city state is home to the Pope. One unmissable thing to do here is the Vatican Museums. Here you’ll find some of the most famous art pieces in the world, and it’s right next door to the equally impressive Sistine Chapel. We highly recommend booking a tour experience in advance - tickets sell out quick!

58. Cividale del Friuli, Italy

To experience the best of Italy, you’ll have to travel outside of Rome. Cividale del Friuli is a cosy and small town at the base of the alpine mountains. The most iconic sight of the town is the Devil’s Bridge which you should check out! Definitely spend some devoted time enjoying the local food and wine here on an easy going trip.

59. Thermal baths, Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the spa haven and capital of Hungary. There’s dozens of thermal spas here. Why? Back in the Roman era, the locals found out that the water was packed full of minerals and could be used for healing. Szechenyi Baths is the biggest and most popular thermal baths in Budapest, but the Lukacs Baths is just as impressive and sees way less tourists crowds.

60. Porvoo, Finland

Porvoo is the second oldest city in Finland. The city has a slow and relaxed atmosphere with nice restaurants and cobbled streets galore. Finn locals love visiting Porvoo for a weekend trip. Unknown to most tourists, the charming Porvoo Old Town is only a short drive away from the much busier Helsinki.

61. Riquewihr, France

Said to have inspired the fairy tale charm of Beauty and the Beast, this little rustic village is a hidden gem of France. 16th century buildings are now home to winemaker shops and the village itself is the heart of a vineyard region. A must-visit for wine lovers!

62. Stockholm's metro stations, Sweden

Wait, metro stations? OK, hear us out. Sweden’s metro stations opened up around 50 years ago and ever since it's been a hotspot of art. The metro in Stockholm is one of the most unique places you’ll see in the city with intricate paintings all over its walls and ceilings. If you’re intrigued to learn about the different art across the city’s metros, they offer guided ride along tours.

63. Lake Wolfgang, Austria

Travel to the northern border of Austria in the Alps and you’ll stumble across one of the most well-known lakes in the country. Sure, the view is gorgeous. But the lake is a must-visit for thrill seekers - Lake Wolfgang is one of the best spots in Europe to go cliff diving.

64. Trier, Germany

Unless you’re a local, you probably haven't heard of this historical city. Trier is the oldest city in Germany. Located in the southwest, only a short drive away from Luxembourg, was first founded by the Celts in the 4th century. But Trier is known for its fantastic Roman sights, museums, mediaeval centre, and much more.

65. Isle of Skye, Scotland

Skye is the second biggest island, but by far its most beautiful. Vast in its landscape and ruggish in style, the Isle of Skye is an underrated fairytale gem. The island is big enough that you hardly run into other tourists, plus there’s plenty of walking trails to choose from in its magical outdoors. Skye’s distilleries, landmarks, and villages are well worth visiting.

66. Reschen, Italy

Italy once again makes our bucket list, but this time you’re about to see a hidden gem. Reschensee Lago di Resia is a must-see. Located near the mountain ranges, the lake contains a 14th century clock tower. Partially submerged, this former church steeple is a unique sight to see in a lesser known Italian village.

67. Durbuy, Belgium

Durby claims to be the oldest town in Belgium. Walk its cobbled streets and you’ll find hidden gems around every corner. Strange folk tales, castles, and more surround the charming town. Check out our guide to Durbuy!

68. Malbun, Liechtenstein

Want a ski resort holiday? Malbun is the only ski resort in Liechtenstein. The skiing village is at an elevation of 1,600m. Only a quick drive away from the capital of Vaduz and the Austrian border, Malbun itself is a great place to add while you’re planning your Europe trip.

69. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Everyone wants to travel to Prague, right? But if you’re taking a trip to the Czech Republic, then you should pop into Český Krumlov while you’re around. It’s the second most visited city in the country. It’s one of the best day trip destinations in Europe. You have to visit the beautiful city centre and Renaissance castle.

70. Leiden, Netherlands

Arts, culture, and history - these three things are booming in Leiden. The university of this Dutch town is the oldest in the country and has one of the best preserved city centre’s. Walking around the city centre and canals is a fun thing to do here, but the best sight to see is the Hortus Botanicus Leiden. This botanical garden is the oldest one in the Netherlands.

71. Reykjavik, Iceland

When you go to Europe, you can’t miss Iceland. Once home of the Vikings and now the biggest city in the country, Reykjavik is a unique experience. Reykjavik has an active nightlife scene and bar crawls are fun to do in the city. But, Reykjavik has something for everyone from amazing food, street art, and gorgeous views.

72. Caernarfon Castle, Wales

One of the most impressive mediaeval castles in the UK can be found in Wales. This Middle Ages fortress looms over the market town and port with its tall, stone walls. While the castle is the best sight to see, the rest of the town is cool too.

73. Ragusa, Italy

Ragusa is one of the most underrated cities of Italy. Split into the old and new town, Ragusa is best known for its stunning Baroque architecture and chocolate. We’ve found that the city looks even prettier from up high at night when the streetlights illuminate its gorgeous features.

74. Bialowieza Forest

The Bialowieza Forest is the biggest and best forest in Europe. You can find it nestled between the border of Poland and Belarus. What makes this forest so unique is that it’s the only significant chunk left of Europe’s primaeval forest. Home to wildlife and trekkers galore, walking through the forest is a magical and otherworldly experience.

75. Funchal, Portugal

How do you feel about riding down a fast 2km chaotic toboggan route in the heart of Portugal? If that sounds like your idea of fun, head over to the city of Funchal. Locals and tourists alike speed down the slope in wicker toboggans. It’s getting more and more popular with tourists, but it is definitely a unique experience worth adding to your itinerary.

So, we’re finally at the end of our top places to go in Europe for your bucket list. Got enough travel inspiration yet? With amazing cities to visit, European food to try, and hidden gems to discover, we’re sure you’ve found something to add to your list this year.

Need even more for your Europe trip bucket list? Check out our map for even more amazing things to do in Europe!

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