8 Date spots in Belgium

Kelsie Colclough | Live the World

July 4, 2022

Struggling for date ideas? Don’t panic. We’ve put together a list for every type, Valentine's day or not!

Whether you’re the type of couple ready to explore the great outdoors or looking for something more classic, there’s a date location ready for you.

Scroll through our list of date inspiration to find the perfect theme for you and your Valentine. We’ve got two options so no matter where you are in Belgium and what mood you’re after, there should be something near you. Or, at least, it’ll get your romance wheels turning.

You can also find all of these and more on our map.

1. To the moon and back

Kattevennen Official, Westtoer APB

You can’t actually give your Valentine’s the moon, but we figure getting a good look at it is close enough. If a date to the planetarium to see the stars sounds like your kind of thing, then we’ve got some options for you!

Walking the galaxy at Cosmodrome - Limburg

Travel to a galaxy far, far away from the woes of lockdown! Go for a romantic night date to the Cosmodrome planetarium in Limburg. Go at night to see the stars and constellations for some extra light on your special Valentine’s date. Plus, there’s tons of cute walks and things to see along the way. Planets and moon included.

Cozmic kisses at Cozmix - Brugge

Is Bruges a better location for you date? Lucky you, there’s more than one planetarium in Belgium. Pick up a telescope to see the stars in the sky, then see the stars in your Valentine's eyes as you enjoy a cute dinner date in the Mary Tudor tearoom.

2. Romantic walks

Laurence Lallemand, Live the World

A romantic stroll is a classic Valentine’s Day date or at least part of one. But we’ve found a couple of spots you might know about to make a memorable date.

Tunnel of Love - Luxembourg, near Liege

Take the bae on a romantic stroll through La Charmille. This tunnel of love made from trees is a beautiful place for a walk out in nature and cute couple photos too. Free and far from major cities, La Charmille is perfect for couples looking for something special this Valentine’s Day.

Sunny views at the quays - Antwerp

Pay a visit to Antwerp this Valentine’s Day for a cute and easy going stroll. Beautiful at sunrise and sunset, the quays of Antwerp are cobblestone streets and picturesque bridges along the edge of the Scheldt. Enjoy views of the city and discover hidden gem couple photo spots. After a cute stroll, you’re in the centre of Antwerp with lots to explore and do.

3. Plant power dates

Arboretum Kalmthout | Visit Flanders, Philip Roeland

Roses are red, violets are blue, here’s some ideas just for you! Sure, you could buy your Valentine’s some roses and chocolate but why not take it to a whole new level this year?

Eco-romance - Antwerp province

Perfect for the environmentally friendly couples out there, Arboretum Kalmthout is a gorgeous flower garden close to a nature reserve. Walk hand in hand through the flower garden fuelled by Mother Nature. Explore native Belgian plants and international flowers too. Enjoy the fresh scenery and romantic backdrop for a chill Valentine’s Day date at Arboretum Kalmthout.

More than a bouquet! -Brussels

Why buy a bouquet of roses when you can visit a rose garden? Bring your date to the Coloma Rose Garden over in Brussels for a romantic surprise. Explore the five gardens together on a flower-packed stroll and rose-coloured date. Yup, there’s even flowers here in winter. Love can bloom even in the darkest of seasons!

4. Adventure for two

Visit Flanders, Vee-BY

Are you and your Valentine more of the adventurous type? No worries, even now there’s romantic dates for you too. Hike or wander to new heights as a couple with these two date ideas. And don’t worry, we’re sure that if you fall, your Valentine will catch you!

Hike it up - Limburg

Achieve new #couplegoals heights by hiking to the very top of Connecterra. Start off your Valentine’s Day right by watching the sunrise together and enjoying the amazing views. If you’re there for the cute memories, pick an easy going hike. Have a picnic as the sun comes up, then spend the rest of the day having a cosy indoors date back home.

Date in the dunes - West Flanders

Why go for a romantic stroll in the city when you can escape to the outdoors? Walk the dunes together, just you and your Valentine on a day out in the dunes at the Nature Reserve of Westhoek. Watch the sunset and feel like you’re in a whole new world with just you and them. Also, the wildlife. Bring your dog to third wheel and to sniff out all the animals. Bring your backpack and camera for a nature-themed walk with your one and only Valentine.

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