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Meet Luxembourg

Why go to Luxembourg?

In the heart of the beautiful, green Ardennes, Luxembourg is a perfect destination for an escape into nature. If Mother Nature herself isn’t enough to convince you, then look at Luxembourg’s beautiful castles. You’re sure to find something beautiful and photo-worthy no matter where you are in the province. Walking, cycling and mountain biking routes outdoors make Luxembourg a great destination to reconnect with nature and get active.

What Luxembourg is known for

Nature of the Ardennes

We’re not kidding when we say Luxembourg is pretty. Almost 80% of Luxembourg is all green! That means long hikes into forests, beautiful views, and dips into the river. Come to Luxembourg to escape busy city life!

When you normally plan a trip into nature, maybe you think of coming in the summer. But Luxembourg is a great travel destination for the winter too. The Ardennes is a great spot for skiing on the slopes. Luxembourg is known for Baraque de Fraiture, the highest point in the whole province, where you try out skiing and snowboarding.

Castles galore

Beauty and castles are abundant in every part of Luxembourg. This province has some of the most unique attractions in its castles. From the lively medieval castle of Bouillon to the yoga escape of Petite Somme Castle, Luxembourg castles have something for everyone. Come along in August to see Luxembourg’s medieval past relieved. Luxembourg’s castles are more than pretty sights to see - they’re full of life and things to do!

A deep history

Luxembourg has a longer history than you’d expect. Arlon, the capital of Luxembourg province, is known for its archaeology museum. Part of the city wall from the 3rd century still stands here too! Uncover Luxembourg’s long history in its museums and historical sites further out of the cities in ancient caves, mysterious rocks and monuments, and castle ruins. Start planning your slow travel trip now to discover Luxembourg’s story.

When to go

Best weather: May - Sep
Tourist season: Mar, Jul, Apr
Dates for your calender
Apr - Durbuy Rock Festival, Symposium
Sep - Beer Festival
Oct - Durbuyssimo


Getting There

By Car

Arlon, the capital of Luxembourg province, is a 2 hour drive from Brussels and Charleroi. It’s a 1 hour 30 minute drive from Liege.

By Train

Arlon station has trains regularly from the country of Luxembourg (Gare Centrale and LU), Libramont in Wallonia, and Brussels-South (aka Brussels-Midi, Brussels-Zuid). If you can get to one of those on the train, Luxembourg isn’t too hard to reach. There isn’t a train station in each of Luxembourg’s cities, but there’s usually one nearby. Durbuy is an 8 minute drive away from Barvaux station, a 1 hour walk, or 20 minutes on the bike. There’s no regular bus from the station to Durbuy, but there is a shuttle bus at certain times.

By Plane

The nearest airport to the province is Luxembourg Airport LUX in Luxembourg (the country). From the airport, it’s a 40 minute drive to Arlon or a 1 hour trip with public transport. We recommend landing in Luxembourg if you can as it is the most convenient. From Brussels Airport, Arlon is a 3 hour trip on the train or a 2 hour drive, and a similar length of time from Brussels-South airport.

Getting Around

By Car

Having a car to get around Luxembourg does make things easier as there are many places more difficult to reach via public transport. Parking is often available for free just outside the cities, on the streets, and at the entrance of the parks and nature reserves.

By Bus

Getting around by public transport in Luxembourg may require some extra planning. From Arlon to La Roche-en-Ardenne, there isn’t a direct bus or train so you’ll have to catch a few to get there on a 2+ hour trip. We recommend getting a bus pass if you plan to use public transport a lot in Luxembourg to save some euros!


Essential info

Languages: Walloon French

Emergency numbers: Police urgent: (101), Fire, ambulance, police: 112

Tourism office

Arlon Tourisme


Address: Maison du Tourisme, du Pays d'Arlon, Rue des Faubourgs, 2 - B-6700 Arlon

Telephone: +32 (0)63/21 63 60

Email: [email protected]

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