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Meet Namur

Why go to Namur?

Namur is famous for its beautiful sights. It doesn’t disappoint. Calmer than the bustling cities like Brussels, this province is perfect for a slow travel trip. Take your time discovering the many gems Namur has to offer. You can even drop by for a day trip, a picnic out in nature, or to see one of the events. There’s always interesting places to go in Namur.

Plus, Namur is in the heart of the Ardennes. This part of Belgium is known for its outdoorsy things to do in nature, fresh air, and refreshing escapes. If you were already planning on visiting the Ardennes, Namur is a great place to start exploring.

What Namur is known for

Beautiful castles

We can’t talk to you about Namur without deep diving into the castles. Belgium might be known for having thousands of castles, but Namur has some of the best. There are over 30 castles in the province. All of them are beautiful in their own way, but the citadels of Namur and Dinant aren’t to be missed. Some castles, like Montaigle Castle, are mysterious ruins of history. Others are fully intact and open to all.

Out in nature

The Belgium Ardennes is known for the stunning views of nature it offers. Want to get out in nature? Park Furfooz, in Lesse Valley, is known for its beautiful caves, Roman baths and viewpoints. Namur is our top spot for beginning your adventure into the Ardennes. Wallonia has tons of stunning walks, hikes and cycling out in nature to choose from. Get ready to get active!

Dinant sights

Nature not your thing? Namur has plenty of urban sights to see in its cities. Get to the top for the best views of the city and river or head deep into the underground for a peek into Namur’s long history. Dinant’s citadel is famous too and (we think!) the prettiest citadel in the whole country. Take a boat ride down the river for a charming and calm view of these beautiful cities in Namur.


Don’t miss the arts and culture scene of Namur. From the museums, galleries and theatres of the cities to the festivals outside the major towns, there are plenty of things to do in Namur. The inventor of the saxophone was born in Namur and the spirit of jazz and music lives on every year at the Jazz Festival. The province really comes to life in May and September, when there are always a number of festivals, arts events, and local markets throughout Namur. But come by in the quieter, colder seasons to see the true spirit of Namur. This province lives at a “snail’s pace”, slow travellers at heart, the locals avoid the rush and stress of Brussels. Relax, grab a seat, and enjoy the show!

Namur’s cities you need to know

Namur: the capital of Wallonia, known for its beautiful citadel and relaxed atmosphere

Dinant: one of Belgium’s most beautiful cities, surrounded by castles and nature spots

Houyet: a small but charming village near Dinant known for its castle and cute village

Rochefort: a town loved for its Trappist beer and castle ruins

When to go

Namur is a fairly well-known province, but some parts are busier than others. Namur gets busiest in the summer and tourist season, but there are plenty of quieter spots in the surrounding towns and nearby castles. Namur is beautiful in every season. Come in winter to see the castles transformed by the snow or in the autumn to see the nature reserves in a whole new light.

Best weather: May - Sep
Tourist season: Ju – Aug
Dates for your calender
Feb - Dinant Carnival
May - Festival des Arts Forains
Jul - Dinant Jazz Festival
Oct - Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur (FIFF), Halloween at the Citadel
Sep - Festival of Wallonia
Nov - International Art and Antiques Fair


Getting There

By Car

Namur province is easily reachable by car. You can reach Namur city by driving in via the E 42, E 411 and more. Brussels is roughly 70km away or a 1 hour drive depending on traffic. Namur is 106km away from Antwerp or a 1 hour and 20 minutes drive. The smaller towns are easily accessible by car. Rochefort is a 50 minute drive away from Namur, for example.

By Plane

To get to Namur by plane, your closest airport is Brussels Airport. From Brussels, you can then catch the train to Namur.

By Train

Namur Station is right across the street from the city centre. Namur is a 1 hour direct train ride from Brussels. You can easily reach Namur from any major train station in Belgium. If you want to explore the province, we recommend getting a train to Namur then switching over to another train. Dinant is a 30 minute train ride from Namur and Rochefort is 40 minutes.

By Bus

You can reach the province of Namur by coach from Paris, Prague, London and many more cities via Flixbus. Getting to Namur by coach is the best budget option for slow travellers, though your journey will take longer than the train! Some of the other cities in Namur, such as Dinant, may have a stop on the coach ride but it is best to check with the provider.

Getting Around

On Foot

If you plan to stay in the city of Namur, then walking is your best option. However, getting around the whole province on foot is not recommended unless you really, really enjoy hiking everywhere. Combine your walks with public transport to reach the castles more easily.

By Bike

Cycling isn’t super popular in the city of Namur thanks to the hilly areas and cobbled streets, but it is on the rise. The province in general has more cycling options and bike rentals are available in most cities.

By Car

Getting around the province is convenient with a car, although we recommend Park & Ride once you reach the city. Many of Namur’s major attractions such as Parc Furfooz and the castles are within an hour drive of each other.

By Boat: you can see Namur and the surrounding area by boat with the Croisières Namur company. The cruises last 1-4 hours and start in Pont de Jambes. You can also get a short boat tour of Namur with a combo ticket to the Citadel. Dinant also has a boat tour around the citadel.


Essential info

Languages: Walloon French

Emergency numbers: Police urgent: (101), Fire, ambulance, police: 112

Tourism office

Visit Namur


Address: Place de la Station, Namur, Belgique

Telephone: +3281 24 64 49

Email: [email protected]

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