Croatian National Parks - from south to north

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Let's map Croatia from its southern National Park Mljet to its northernmost one – National Park Risnjak. In Croatia there are 8 national parks. For sure it will be impossible to visit them all at once. But, with a little bit of energy, good plan and a bit of courage.


Maybe, I provoked your bravery but take this with a grain of salt. So, let me list all National parks in Croatia first (as I mentioned in the title – from the south to the north): 1. National Park Mljet, 2. National Park Krka, 3. National Park Kornati, 4. National Park Paklenica, 5. National Park Plitvice Lakes, 6. National Park Northern Velebit, 7. National Park Brijuni and 8. National Park Risnjak. Each one of these parks has something specific or let’s say magical why it’s selected as protected area. One thing is in common – beautiful green-blue combination of nature colors. All those parks have it’s specific rules and of course entrance fees as well as working hours so always check latest information on park’s web page. Curiosity is that all Croatian national parks are in the Adriatic Sea as islands (Mljet, Kornati, Brijuni) or in its proximity – on the nearby mountains (Paklenica, Northern Velebit, Risnjak) or rivers (Pltivice Lakes, Krka)

And let’s go from island to the mainland and from the mainland to the island...


Located in the southern part of Dalmatia, island Mljet is one of the biggest in the Adriatic Sea. What we liked here was amazing sunset and St. Marry Island.


Dive into the waters of Krka National Park:

Most important is Skradinski buk – the longest waterfall on the Krka river. Don’t forget: to get to this park – the easiest way is from Šibenik – by bus or walking if you love long walks.

Kornati and its 140 islands

We already mentioned that Kornati islands and the paradise for sailers. So, book your sailing ticket but first read more about the park Kornati islands and enjoy its other beauties.


Just like our title said – Only for brave hikers Paklenica is for yet for brave hikers and also for brave campers. As well as other mountain areas nearby Adriatic Sea, Paklenica will treat you with amazing views on the Croatian islands **from some of the mountain peaks.

Plitvice Lakes

What we love about *Pi[tvice Lakes ](*is perfect position and lovely green-blue combination of colors. Visit them any time of year, but to evade crowd the best option is early spring.

Northern Velebit

Cave fans – this the best option while visiting Croatian coast to run away a bit and see one of two National parks on the Mountain Velebit - No[rthern Velebit]( Let’s remind ourselves with this info: the deepest one is Lukina jama cave which is the deepest in Croatia – 1431 m, and the 14th deepest cave in the world.

Safari on Brijuni

This amazing group of islands also has the Sa[fari park on its biggest island – Veliki Brijun](**brijuni-i3xl). Brijuni Safari park** is one rare opportunity to go for safari in the middle of Europe. Brijuni islands are very easy approachable from Croatian and Italian coast.

Risnjak for campers

Mountain of lynx and place where your body and first of all lungs will enjoy. If you are nature enthusiast and you love to see diverse fauna and flora Ri[snjak]( should be an option and maybe important part of your itinerary.

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