National park Paklenica - only for brave hikers

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Let's start this story with a little bit of adrenaline. Two minute-long video is here, base jump is in the focus and nice view of Paklenica national park in Croatia. As I stated in the title, it is a place for hikers and according to this video it's good base jumping spot.

Velebit is the largest (145 km) but not the highest mountain in Croatia. Also, Velebit is home for two national parks in Croatia – Pa[klenica ]( No[rthern Velebit]( (Sjeverni Velebit). Made of karstic stone and located in Zadar County, Paklenica national park is definitely paradise for hikers and climbers. First of all this amazing national park has very interesting name: the name sounds like pakao which in Croatian and mostly all Slavic languages means hell. Totally opposite, Paklenica with its diverse florist areas and fauna cannot be place like hell, but only a paradise. As mentioned, many types of endemic plants are settled here also many types of snakes, deer and birds can be found here. This area is covered with black pines. And “paklina” would be black pine sap that locals would use for traditional medicine, as mentioned on the official webpage of this national park.


Basically, national park is made of two canyons: Big Paklenica (Velika Paklenica) and Small Paklenica (Mala Paklenica). Small canyon is now drained and there is no water flowing. Around those two canyons many caves and pits can be found, also steep cliffs are perfect for climbing practicing. When mentioning climbing let’s say that Paklenica national park is the most famous and the largest climbing spot in South-eastern Europe with more than 300 climbing routs. The best thing is to reach the top and enjoy the view on the Adriatic Sea. That’s what small number of climbing spots can offer. National park is very well marked with touristic and climbing directions and maps. Lucky news for hikers: Paklenica has around 200 km of trails with good equipped mountaineering signs.


Additional information: Entrance fees are found on the official webpage of the park, and it’s possible to buy 1-day ticket, 3-day ticket or 5-day ticket. National park Paklenica can be easily reached from Zadar by bus. And from Zagreb you just have to follow A1 highway as well as from Split and Šibenik.


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