National parks in Croatia: Risnjak

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Camping enthusiasts – this story is for you. After visiting Brijuni islands, and national parks on the Velebit mountain – Northern Velebit and Paklenica now it’s time for the north. Located on the Risnjak mountain in Gorski kotar, Risnjak National park is waiting for all camping and hiking enthusiasts. Like other national parks in Croatia, Risnjak as well was official declared as important and protected area in XX century – more precisely in 1953.

Now, if you miss snow, here's the video of Risnjak National park covered by snow:

Risnjak belongs to Dinaric Alps group of mountains and it’s located just next to Slovenian territory so this mountain and its national park are approachable from both Slovenia and Croatia. This area is covered with snow in winter time but also in late March or April, snow can be seen from the road and nearby places. Risnjak (just like its name ris - ­lynx) is mountain with diverse fauna and flora. Besides lynx, other mammals like bear can be seen here. National park Risnjak is home for more than 1000 species of plants and trees. One of them is pine which forests will make you feel that your lungs are bigger and that you can breath in more air than in cities.


This park is important and protected because spring of the important river Kupa is here. Also, as they stated in the official presentation this park is connection between Alps and Balkan mountains. Nearby river and in specific places on the mountain there are places where camping is possible. For this region is also very important to, like in other forest or natural habitat, not to throw trash and follow the rules. Besides camping and hiking also this is perfect place for your active holiday since many domestic and foreign tourists usually go on some of many bike rides.


Additional info: to approach this nice and green national park - first, you have to get to Crni Lug which is not so far from Rijeka (the biggest nearby city) and from Crni Lug you can follow usual paths or to find your own but always cautiously. Don’t forget that this park you can reach while visiting two capitals – Ljubljana in Slovenia and Zagrab in Croatia.

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