Nothing compares to Trebinje

Ljiljana Krejic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Many places in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Europe’s last undiscovered gem, deserve to be on the bucket list of curious travellers like you. If we speak about the cities only, you might have heard of Mostar, a splendour worth one million visits and perhaps of awe-inspiring Banja Luka. However, I bet you have never heard of Trebinje, a city that achieved to charm Napoleon a while ago. The legend has it that Napoleon’s comment “très bien” during his visit to this place later determined the city’s name. Therefore, it is not surprising that no visitor remains indifferent when in the most beautiful city of Bosnia & Herzegovina. If you are still not persuaded, let’s discover together why nothing compares to Trebinje.

The allure of Dubrovnik & Provençale vibe

© Tourism organisation of Trebinje / unknown author

Situated in the triangle of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Dubrovnik, Kotor and Mostar, this place is a perfect mélange of those three cities. What makes Trebinje irresistible is the allure of Dubrovnik, Mediterranean architecture and a kind of Provençale vibe. The best place to feel this spirit is a green patio in front of the Hotel Platani, which consists of sixteen 100-year-old plane trees. After a refreshing drink in the shadow of this 500-seat summer garden, one-of-a-kind in the Balkans, do not miss an opportunity to visit a well-preserved Old Town Kastel and its main landmark, a 16-th century masterpiece – Arslanagića Bridge. Of course, the best way to experience Trebinje is to book this tour that covers the city's highlights. But if you come in a couple, indulge with your partner in a peaceful 2-hour romantic walking tour in Trebinje and witness some stunning areas.

For active travellers & water enthusiasts

© Tourism organisation of Trebinje / unknown author

In Bosnia & Herzegovina, most settlements are erected and developed alongside beautiful rivers. Like Mostar with its Neretva River and Banja Luka with the Vrbas River, Trebinje is no exception. It sits on the shores- of the Trebišnjica – the world’s longest-sinking river. Surrounded by mountains, this southernmost city of Bosnia & Herzegovina is situated on the edge of Popovo Polje valley.

© Miljan Ratković

Thanks to its favourable position and Mediterranean climate, active travellers in Trebinje will be spoiled for a choice. Among many options, you can opt for hiking over the mountains on the border with Montenegro, biking along the historic railroad or exploring the underground treasures of Vjetrenica Cave. During the summer, there is no better refreshment than plunging into rivers, lakes and creeks. Swimming, diving, kayaking, canoeing, jumping or perhaps fishing, you name it - everything is possible for water enthusiasts in Trebinje.

For history lovers

© Tourism organisation of Trebinje / unknown author

Besides its beauty and natural treasures, Trebinje is a synonym for an invaluable historical heritage in the southern part of the country. For a rather small city, it has more than a fair share of ancient remnants worth discovering. Starting with its well-preserved Old Town and the 16th-century bridge, this gem boosts in plentiful historical edifices spread around the city. Therefore, Trebinje for history lovers tour is inviting for almost all visitors. You can even book your accommodation in this hotel in the historic center surrounded by the medieval walls of the Old Town.

© Tourism organisation of Trebinje / unknown author

Among its medieval and Austro-Hungarian fortifications, built on the hills around the city, you can visit the Old Town Mičevac from the 11th century, one of the biggest historical fortifications in the Balkans – Strač (1910-1916) and the oldest of all strongholds in Bosnia & Herzegovina - Old Town Klobuk, that dates back to the 9th century. When it comes to true hidden gems of history, you should not miss Branković Tower, one of the best-preserved medieval watchtowers in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

For faith seekers

© Tourism organisation of Trebinje / unknown author

Walking around the city, you will inevitably notice many worship places. In the very heart of the city, you will come across a beautiful park with the Orthodox Church of St. Transfiguration, but also the Catholic Cathedral of Nativity of the Virgin Mary not far from there, as well as Osmanpasha’s Mosque, situated in the Old Town Kastel. But this is just a glimpse of what Trebinje offers to faith seekers. In fact, this area has been called the Holy Land of Herzegovina due to many monasteries from the time of Early Christianity, such as Tvrdoš, Zavala and the Monastery of St. Peter & St. Paul.

© Slavenko Vukasović

The region is even richer with mediaeval shrines in the hinterlands of Trebinje, such as Dobrićevo, Duži and the Church of St. Basil of Tvrdoš & Ostrog in Mrkonjići. On top of this comes Gračanica, the most beautiful temple of Herzegovina and an eternal home to Jovan Dučić, the most significant Serbian poet, writer and diplomat. Beautifully nested on the top of Crkvina Hill, this place offers a breathtaking panorama of the city that no visitor wants to miss.

For food & wine epicures

© Tourism organisation of Trebinje / unknown author

One should know that Trebinje is also called “the city of sun and wines”, and indeed those two are strongly interlinked. This southern gem's mild Mediterranean climate lends itself to growing tasty organic products. It is particularly renowned for its Herzegovinian honey, which results from rare wild herbs grown in the mountains. But even their local dishes, whether meat, fish or milk products, are exceptionally savoury.

© Tourism organisation of Trebinje / unknown author

With 260 sunny days per year, this region has ideal conditions for wine-making, whose tradition goes back to the 14th century. The main wine sorts grown here are Žilavka and Vranac. Only in Trebinje you can find 20 wineries, with Vukoje Winery and Tvrdoš Winery, two leading winegrowers in Bosnia & Herzegovina. One thing is sure, all food and wine epicures, who experience the Herzegovina Wine Route, agree unanimously that nothing compares to Trebinje, and they all say: “We will come back”.

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