Divine Neretva River

Ljiljana Krejic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

In the land of magnificent rivers, like nowhere else in Europe, unanimously Neretva River is the gorgeous one in Bosnia & Herzegovina. *Even Old Romans have noticed it when they called it “Nera-Etva” (a divine river)*. And since then, the empires and millennia altered, but a divine Neretva River did not. When you see it, you will understand its hypnotizing and overwhelming beauty. It has stolen (and it still does) everyone’s heart, just so that you know it.

Irresistibly charming

The spring of this river appears under equally gorgeous mountain Zelengora, that belongs to Sutjeska National Park. It passes between Mt Bjelašnica and Mt Visočica on one side, and Mt Prenj on the other. It even creates an artificial lake called Jablaničko Jezero. In total 230 km long, the Neretva River flows mainly in Bosnia & Herzegovina, with only 20 km going through Croatia, where it eventually encounters the Adriatic Sea. On its way, the river flows through numerous cities and towns. However, three of them – Mostar, Konjic and Počitelj, have been exceptionally lucky, as Neretva runs through the heart of those places, making them irresistibly charming.

The coldest emerald


If there is one distinctive characteristic of this river course, it would be its bright green color. This emerald is also one of the coldest rivers in the world, where even in summer the average water’s temperature doesn’t go higher than 7 degrees Celsius. Anecdotally, in Bosnia & Herzegovina, we have a saying “as cold as Neretva River”. However, Neretva created quite fertile surroundings that are a habitat of many endemic species, actually 47 of them, that can be found only here.

Best whitewater rafting


To describe this river, I need five keywords – green, fast, clear, cold and clean. It is particularly clean in the region of its canyon, that it is recommended for drinking. Speaking about the canyon, it is worthwhile saying that this is one of the best (if not the best) places for wh[itewater rafting](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/an-ultimate-rafting-on-the-neretva-river-p52l) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A deep and scenic canyon, challenging waterfalls and cascades, as well as pristine landscapes will offer you 23 km of unforgettable sailing. If rafting is not your thing, you can try jumping, kayaking, fishing or just swim.

Region to discover


If you happen to be in Herzegovina (the southern part of the country), it is very likely that you will meet this beauty, especially if you are in Mostar, Konjic or Počitelj. You can’t miss its emerald green color and its stunning canyon. Whether you are with family or with your adrenalin-seeking friends, this is the region to discover. One thing is sure, let the divine Neretva River seduces you by its enchanting powers and you will not regret it.

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