Skiing on a budget – Mt Bjelašnica & Igman

Ljiljana Krejic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Did you know that it is possible to enjoy affordable, adventurous & amazing winter holidays in Europe, but without the crowds and the queues? If you have never heard of magical ski resorts in Bosnia & Herzegovina, you are about to immerse yourself in a true snowy wonderland of Olympic mountains. Emerging as the N°1 alternative to mass winter destinations in Europe, this country is definitely the best-kept winter secret in Europe. Not only that this is still the off-the-beaten-track location for winter activities, but it also offers the best skiing on a budget, particularly on Mt Bjelašnica and Mt Igman. Apart from Mt Jahorina, these two Olympic beauties, both situated in the vicinity of Sarajevo, are must-sees for real ski enthusiasts.

The steepest Bosnia’s mountain


Only 25 km away from Sarajevo, Mt Bjelašnica is nestled in the rough and rolling Dinaric Alps. This is the tallest and the steepest mountain in Bosnia & Herzegovina, with the highest peak at 2,067 m above the sea level. Actually, it is a dreamland for adrenaline junkies since it offers the steepest of all slopes. A ski race from the highest peak (2,067 m) to the base (1,200 m) lasts only 10 minutes.

Top European ski slopes

Mt Bjelašnica is one of the mountains that hosted the men’s alpine ski completion during the Winter Olympic Games in 1984. This was not a surprise since some of its trails belong to the top European ski slopes. Also, its challenging forest runs are ideal for skilled skiers and snowboarders. However, among 14 km of slopes, that are groomed on a daily basis, there are trails for all types of skiers – from the beginners to the advanced.

Great ski jumping station


Not far from Mt Bjelašnica and a mere 22 km away from Sarajevo is located Mt Igman. It is actually a north face of Mt Bjelašnica. Since this place offers great ski jumping station, it also hosted the competitions during the Winter Olympic in 1984. Mt Igman (1,502 m) is a bit smaller and cosy ski resort, more suitable for families with children. It is also renown for the exceptionally high quality of air, due to the abundance of pine trees.

Countless winter pleasures


Whether you prefer skiing (alpine or Nordic), snowboarding, snowshoeing, ski touring, snowmobiling or perhaps cross-country skiing these two mountains are the right place to visit. A local particularity is night skiing, that is feasible on both mountains. Even if skiing is not your thing, here you can pick any of countless winter pleasures such as hiking and biking. When at some of the highest peaks and if the weather is perfectly clear, you might be lucky to enjoy glorious views, including the one of the Adriatic Sea.

Budget-friendly ski resorts


You might have never thought of booking your ski holidays in Bosnia & Herzegovina until now. Blessed with long ski seasons on magnificent snowy mountains, this country is the best budget-friendly alternative to the popular European winter destinations. Plus, its ski resorts are much less crowded and still quite undiscovered. Do you really need more reasons to book your next ski trip to Mt Bjelašnica and Mt Igman where great skiing on a budget is guaranteed?

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