Hungary's less known, but superb wineries

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

With a little exaggeration, my whole country is a big wine region, so you can combine hiking with gastronomy every time you visit some awesome places in Hungary. This type of experience is made even more complete by visiting Hungary's less known, but superb wineries. In the following lines, I will guide you to some great places, where beyond fine wines and gastronomy, you can also enjoy fresh air and amazing views.

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Haraszthy Vallejo Winery

Haraszthy Vallejo Winery has a very rich and interesting history. One of the eponyms is Ágoston Haraszthy, who bought a vineyard in the Sonoma Valley, California in 1857. Then, he ennobled the European assortments of grapes and created an excellent winery called Buena Vista, which also operates until this very day. The other owner Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo and Haraszthy became relatives when their kids got married. Their children's marriage gave them a basic idea of creating a Hungarian winery, which counts as relatively popular and definitely qualitative even today. They also opened a restaurant right next to their winery.

Janus Winery

Creating the Janus Winery was a childhood dream of two best friends from Pécs. The dream had become a reality in 2004 when they bought a 12-acre vineyard at the Tenkes-mountain. You are free to visit their winery and also have the opportunity to taste their wines right at the place where it originates from. During the wine-tasting, furthermore, you even have a chance to enjoy a unique landscape.

Basilicus Winery

Basilicus Vineyard is more than a winery. It is located in Tarcal, in the Tokaj wine region, while it owns 10 hectares of land with really rare assortments. The Wine Culture Center (Borkultúra Központ), which is closely linked to the winery itself, will give the visitors a complex experience through the extensive wine tours, vineyard visits and dinners around the Tokaj-Hegyalja region.  

Szent (Saint) Donát estate

The eponym of the Csopak-located winery is Saint Donát of Pannonia, the patron saint of the local farmers. Beside Csopak, they have the vineyards in Paloznak and Tihany, where they provide 25-30 thousand bottles of wine annually. You will surely enjoy the beautiful panorama from Szent Donát estate's terrace. Sunshine, tranquility and the most popular wine of the region olaszrizling will make your experience complete.

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Bodri Winery and Vineyards

Since 1999, the year when the first piece of land got bought by the owners, Bodri Winery and Vineyards in Szekszárd have gone through an enormous development. The focus is naturally on the wines, both fruity and lighter, as well as complex and fuller whites and reds, but don't miss their restaurant either with its fresh, seasonal meals. By the way, this is the biggest hand-built winery with 12 cupolas in Central Europe, but there is also an animal farm, a bio garden and a guest house here. Not to mention the fact that Szekszárd’s sights are just a stone's throw away, as well as further representatives of Hungary's less-known, but superb wineries.

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