A car trip along the Danube touring triangle

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

In this article, you will have a chance to get to know one of Hungary’s most favourite routes that connects the capital city with two other towns of historical significance. As for Budapest, I dare to say it’s not even necessary to introduce it. Yet, if you are about to get acquainted with the Hungarian capital, just look up my stories about this historical treasure in the heart of Europe and find out the hidden beauty of its market halls, where to pre-drink economically and which street counts as Budapest’s main artery. During this 120-kilometre-long car trip, you will get to explore the country’s biggest ecclesiastical building in Esztergom and the ruins of one of the richest castles that served as home to medieval Hungarian kings in Visegrád. So please, let me show you Budapest-Esztergom-Visegrád route, which is an ideal choice for a one-day car trip along the Danube touring triangle. This journey could also provide a fantastic multi-day program, if you fancy the idea, as giving it couple days is also worth, in my personal opinion.

The Visegrádi Castle was built in the 13th century © Photo credits to pozitivnap.hu

Well, regardless of your plans on the period, let’s assume you will start from Budapest, which is instantly a great opportunity for me to give you a hint regarding the exact route. When adding the three cities to the navigation system, it will definitely drive you towards Pilisvörösvár and the main road no.10, but I suggest you rather go through Pomáz and Pilisszentkereszt. This means driving on a non-primary route, instead of road 10, but I assure you, you will not regret choosing it. The quality of road’s surface is considerably nice, and you will travel through Pilis mountain, passing by its peak, called Dobogókő (means Pattering Stone). To reach the very top of it though, you have to take just a really minor detour, but it offers you a great hike in the tour, if you go up to the 700-meter of height by foot, leaving your car in the designated parking lot.

The highest building of Hungary in Esztergom

Going forward, your first destination will be the city of Esztergom, which for centuries, counting by this very day, has actually been a capital of the Christian religion in the country, as well as the Hungarian centre of the Roman Catholic Church. According to the writings, even Marcus Aurelius, a former Roman Emperor, was in the city when he wrote a part of his book series called Meditations. At that time, Esztergom was called Salvio Mansio as a part of Pannonia and the Roman Empire. The greatest features of the city today is undoubtedly the Cathedral of Esztergom, which is the highest building in Hungary and one of the biggest basilicas in the whole world.

The breathtaking appearance of the Cathedral of Esztergom © Unknown source from internet

Castle on a brow of Visegrádi-mountains

The next step of your journey will be Visegrád and the ruins of the former castle standing on a brow of Visegrádi-mountains. It’s stretching towards the right until the Danube shore, while it consists of two parts: the lower castle and the citadel above. The castle itself was built in the 13th century, and it had a huge role for the Hungarian Kingdom for centuries, both for political and military purposes. Even the Saint Crown of Hungary was guarded here for hundreds of years, while today it can be found in the Hungarian House of Parliament.

To sum it up, you will see spectacular forested areas during this car trip as well as the opportunities for unique hiking routes. Driving along the Danube touring triangle is as chilling as breathtaking. If you have a bit more time to prolong the tour, I suggest you stop in Szentendre, which is a fabulous riverside-town that is also worth visiting. Maybe it’s not a coincidence, that when you look at the Budapest-Esztergom-Visegrád-Budapest circle as a route on Google Maps, you are going to get a heart shape. If I were you, I would not miss the trip while in Budapest. Have a lovely adventure!

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