Szentendre, the fabulous riverside-town

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Szentendre, the fabulous riverside-town

In Pest county, Hungary, near to the capital city, Budapest, you can find a tiny little wonderland, called Szentendre, the fabulous riverside-town, right next to the Danube river. Owing to its breathtaking view, apart from other tourist-magnet factors, it has become a popular destination for tourists, who stay in Budapest for a few days. It owns an amazing downtown, provides museums, galleries and architecture for the visitors. Although the population of this wonderful little town is only around 25.000, there are more than 10 museums to go to, other exhibition rooms and theatres. Not surprising, that it got its reputation, due to its rich culture and art. It is easy to get there even without a car – we can visit it by train, by buses and even by ship on the weekends.

The Main Square

The heart of the town is the Main Square, which is located right in the centre of the city, where you can find several shops and boutiques, a selection of restaurants and coffee shops. It is also the starting point where everything in the town begins: such as the famous streets of Szentendre, heading to the mentioned museums, exhibitions, churches, and so on.

Relaxing walk by the riverside

As I mentioned before, Szentendre is situated next to the Danube river. It may not exactly be like the beach at sea, but it still has that kind of feeling to enjoy: it is chilling, romantic and idyllic. If we would like to take a rest, we can just sit down by the captivating river and enjoy the flowing of the water, take a relaxing walk by the riverside, or have a coffee at one of the many choices we are able to choose from.

Museum of sweets

The Szamos Marzipan Museum is one of Szentendre’s most visited attractions. It is also called the museum of sweets, of which ground floor has a sweets shop, where you can find selections of chocolates, marzipans and other worthy and heavenly products. The museum itself can be found at the first floor: there are buildings, famous people and cartoon characters made out of chocolate and marzipan. Checking them out is a must, if you are nearby.

The island of adventures

Szentendre Island, just like its name implies, is a real island, which is situated between Budapest and the Danube-bend. It is similarly a place, that all visitors of Szentendre should see. It is 31 km long and includes a number of villages, like Kisoroszi or Horány among others. Tourists here can have a taste of true Hungarian life, or more precisely the way it used to be many, many years ago – one reason of a lot, why I name it the island of adventures.

To sum up, it is worth to go to Szentendre, the fabulous riverside-town, if you are visiting Budapest, because it will be a relaxing day for sure, and the list of things to do there is really endless.

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