The hidden beauty of the market halls in Budapest (Part I)

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Going to the market is always a good idea: you can find fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy products and some hidden beauty.* Furthermore, you can feel wonderful scents, and all these with a lot of interesting conversations between the people who spend their mornings in the market halls of Budapest**. Not to mention that if we buy these ground treasures from those who grow them domestically*, we do something good for our health. If you come to the Hungarian capital, do not miss to visit the biggest market halls.

Fény Street Market

Fény Street Market is one of the most popular markets in the city. Even if you need only a carrot for a soup you make for lunch, it is worth to go there, due to the feeling anyway. This place is also a great option to get healthy and purchase some bio food, as it has the largest offering of the organic products in Budapest.

Location: 12 Lövőház Street, Budapest 1024

Hunyadi Square Market

Even though this is one of the smallest, it is at the same time also the friendliest, nationally protected market in the capital. It is really hard to find an open-air market in the downtown, but the Hunyadi Square Market is right next to the Budapest’s Grand Boulevard, under the sky, so it is easily accessible by public transport or by walk. It is worth to taste and, of course, to take a portion of homemade honey, delicious bacon and sausages sold by the primary producers. Even if you get hungry in the morning hours during the shopping, here are some great options to have breakfast close to the market.

Location: 4 Hunyadi Square, Budapest 1067

The Great Market Hall

Among the Budapest citizens, the Great Market Hall is not only a market but kind of a phenomenon as well. If we are about to go to a market, almost everyone’s first idea is this one. According to a recently issued survey by the Australian website, TripAdvisor, it is one of the most beautiful markets in Europe. The supply is tremendous, and it would be difficult to name a fresh item that we would not find here. The market is just unbeatable at meat and fish selection. My personal tip for you is to visit their fish hut in the market’s basement storey. Apart from groceries, here we can find souvenirs, bags, clothes, shoes and even fragrances, such as Chanel – I don’t take any responsibility for its originality though.

Location: 1-3 Vámház Boulevard, Budapest 1093

To sum it up, I highly recommend glimpsing the life of Budapest’s markets, especially if you are fond of gastronomy – I believe you won’t be disappointed. You are going to find the hidden beauty of the market halls of this unique capital. To show you my passion for them, I will continue my listing, so be on the watch, my next article on this topic is coming soon.

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