Be a giant at Mini-Hungary model park in Szarvas

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

One of my favourite sights in Hungary can be found in Szarvas, a two-hour car trip from the capital, which is nothing else but a lovely and amazing mini-Hungary model park, where* you can be a giant. By model park, you shall think of awesome mock-ups of Hungary’s historical edifices, such as well-known buildings, bridges and even trains and railway stations. The amazing pieces of this exhibition-like attraction** expand time to time, so it’s always worth revisiting the park after a while. Over the past couple of years, several such replicas were made, that in real life and real size can be found on the land of neighboring countries, that once belonged to Hungary*. Although the areas they are located at today are territories of present-day Romania, Slovakia or Ukraine, but some of their edifices are related to the history of Hungary mainly.

As I mentioned above, Szarvas is only a two-hour drive from Budapest, but if you need to use public transport, there are of course regular routes by train and bus too. However, in this case, you need to count on three or four hours of traveling. Still, it is worth it, at least for those who are fortunate enough to spend more time here in Hungary, than the usual period, which is mostly two to three days, eating around and going out in Budapest. Well, I won’t blame you for that either, since you can eat out in igloos, or take part in one of Europe’s greatest music festivals.

Messengers of Hungary’s glorious past

The two-hectare Mini Hungary awaits its visitors with nearly a hundred interactive models from the youngest to the retired. These mini-tunnels, bridges, viaducts, railways, sailing boats and famous buildings supplied with sound effects can be a unique experience for families, school classes, friends and pensioners’ clubs as well. Walking along the mock-ups, hundreds of years of historical traditions, architecture and renowned events come to life. Mini Hungary was built in the largest arboretum of the country, where guests can meet the messengers of Hungary’s glorious past and miniature replicas of architectural masterpieces. Included but not limited to the following pieces, please let me mention you a few of the most famous ones: Heroes’ Square, Houses of Parliament, Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Basilica of Esztergom, Thermal Lake of Hévíz, Abbey of Tihany, Dome of Szeged and so on.

Photo © Credit to Pál Éva/

Unknown even for most of Hungarians

Most of the models in the park, that is enchanting all year round, have a 1:25 size ratio, however in some cases they have a different scale. The explanation is that it was an important aspect for the masterminds of Mini Hungary to make mock-ups that are acceptable for children but at the same time adults, to receive a perspective to observe the buildings they never had before – unless from a helicopter. To sum all up, I believe the whole idea of the replica park, where you can be a giant, is an original and genius one, moreover the execution of all the mock-ups is spotless quality work. Mini Hungary model park in Szarvas, by the way, is unknown even for most of Hungarians, so we can declare it a unique gem.

Photo © Credit to Pál Éva/

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