Szeged - The city where the sun always shines

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Szeged - The city where the sun always shines

Szeged is located in Central Europe, lies on Hungary's border to Serbia, on both banks of the river Tisza. It is the lowest elevation city in the country and is known as the "City of Sunshine", because it has the highest number of sunny days throughout the year, also that is what makes the city so speical. Szeged is the third biggest city in Hungary with its 163k inhabitants. It owns one of the oldest universities in the country, so there are a lot of students, which means, the number of clubs and bars increases. Even so, it is hard to name a single thing, that makes Szeged such a charming city.

Szegedi Szabadtéri

Szeged's Open Air Theatre Festival held in the summer attracts people from all over the world. One of the first summer festival theatres to be launched in Europe was the Szegedi Szabadtéri, which has been organized for more than seventy years now. It is located at the Dóm Square, which has superb acoustics, that makes this place amazing. Hungary’s largest theatrical performance venue and most significant outdoor theatre auditorium offers seating for 4,000 viewers, and each year in July and August 70,000 people attend the musical, operetta, opera, dance and prose drama productions held in the enchanting atmosphere of the wonderful square.

Votive Church of Szeged

The twin-towered Votive Church is at the Dóm Tér, which is the biggest square in Szeged. It is the 4th largest building in Hungary: the dome is 54 metres outside and the towers are both 91 m high. Like every famous Hungarian buildings, it has a rich history too. The construction of the church began in 1913, after a flood had destroyed most of Szeged. It was designed by Frederick Schulek and was completed in 1930. The church can be visited from Monday to Sunday for nearly 2 euros. It has a breath-taking view from the highest tower, which is worth a shot or two.

Fisherman’s soup – Szeged or Baja?

If you travel to Hungary, don't miss trying this delicious dish – it's worth the trip! But which fish soup is better? Baja, or Szeged? It has been a debate for ages. Both have their specalities and traditions, but my favourite is the one made in Szeged. Hungarian fish soup (Halászlé) is one of the most popular dishes in the country. It is a hot soup, prepared with mixed freshwater- and river fish. Even though Hungary is not a “nation of fishermen”, the native fish soup is considered to be a national specialty. If you visit Szeged, and you’d like to eat the original and best, you shall go to the restaurant called Vendéglő a Régi Hídhoz.

Witch Island

The largest witch-hunt in Hungary took place in Szeged in 1728, when 13 people were burned at the stake for witchcraft on a peninsula of the Tisza river. Ever since, the small island is called Witch Island (Boszorkánysziget).

For the size of the city, Szeged has a really good public transportation network, and the local people are really helpful. I’m sure, that you won’t need warm clothes or an umbrella, if you are about to travel here, because in Szeged, the sun keeps shining.

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