Top summer festivals in Europe (part 2)

Chrisa Lepida | Live the World

November 23, 2022

…back with the second part as promised!

Well as mentioned previously, you love traveling, you love meeting new places, and you love meeting new cultures and people. What you also love, is attending summer festivals. You’re already picturing what your summer will look like. You’re at some nice music festival, drinking a beer and later on a cocktail while chilling on a hammock. You’re singing along to your favourite song and guess what, your friends are there to sing it with you. You get up, you dance, you swim, you drink, you eat, you sleep and repeat. Eat sleep rave repeat. Yes, you love this feeling.

To get to the point… Are you looking for a summer festival in Europe?!

To save you some time from crawling to the web for info, here’s a list with all the worth-attending music festivals in Europe! Bare in mind we’re a lot of editors, and each one is covering and talking about his/her beloved homeland! Make sure you click on the hyperlinks that follow for further & local guidance! Enjoy!


Summer is probably the best time to attend outdoor concerts and festivals! If you’re a rock music fan, the Rock im Park festival in Nuremberg is not to be missed. In addition, while in Ge[rmany](, you can find lots of festivals featuring different genres of music, from techno to opera!

The Netherlands

Get ready to attend the Wo[rld's oldest music festival in Landgraaf](! Rock, pop, dance, electro, hop, indie, punk, folk, and all types of alternative music can be found in Pinkpop Festival in June.

A different type of festival worth attending too, is the Rotterdam Summer Carnival in July! Latin music, more than 25 bands per day and a party that lasts till the early morning (like it’s carnival season), are some of the characteristics of its majestic atmosphere! Every year more than a million visitors attend that; ready to be one of them? :)


The Serbs are generally very happy people, and they just always find the reason to party. There are many different festivals during the summer season in Serbia, combining various topics and themes: food, music, movies, performances. The EXIT Festival, which is probably the most popular one of them, is a synonym for great music, amazing atmosphere, unforgettable adventures, love and freedom. The Gucha festival at the same time is an ideal destination for all the rakia lovers out there, while the Nisville Jazz Festival and its jazz atmosphere is not to be missed!


When it comes to festivals, Croatia is definitely "on fire" during summer! The Balkans have always been a home to overly happy party people, and Cr[oatia]( has been known for years as one of the most beautiful European holiday destinations. The Love international festival, the ULTRA Europe festival, the Sonus festival, the Outlook festival as well as the unique Goulash Disko Festival, are some of the events that shouldn’t be missing from your agenda!


In the past few years, Albania has become the perfect summer destination for festival fans. Everyone agrees that summer is the best time to have some fun and forget about responsibilities for a while and just enjoy yourself. That's why summer festivals are a must everywhere you go. Here are a few suggestions about the best summer festivals in Albania!


Some of Europe's most traditional folkways are meticulously preserved here; Ro[mania ]( a country where centuries-old traditions and crafts are strongly rooted in the local culture. Discover the amazing Romanian culture, simply by taking part in the festivals that take place during summer! Here’s a list of the best ones!

…and last but not least… Hungary!

Hungary in the past years has escalated into one of the most important countries of summer and other festivals. The VOLT Festival in Sopron, the Sgizet and the Balaton Sound in the biggest lake of central Europe, guarantee an unforgettable experience to the music lovers from all over the world!

What you’re waiting for? The festival season is definitely ON!

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