Summer Festivals in Albania

Elda Ndoja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Everyone agrees that summer is the best time to have some fun and forget about responsibilities for a while and just enjoy yourself. That's why summer festivals are a must everywhere you go. Here are my suggestions about the best summer festivals in Al[bania](

1. Kala Festival

New festival Kala is set to launch on the coast of Albania this summer. The country's first ever international music festival, Kala promises "open-air dancing, music and escapism" from June 20 to June 27. The festival is set on an undiscovered coastline that is only accessible by boat. The location claims to showcase the beauty of the Al[banian Riviera]( Some of London’s favourite club brands have been confirmed as partners for Kala, including secretsundaze, Phonica, Stamp the Wax, Feelings and Savage. With the parties running around the clock, the festival boasts to have the perfect balance of creativity and adventure to keep festival-goers transfixed. The ticket price gets you festival access, accommodation and transfers from Corfu, Greece via boat.

2. Turtle Fest

Turtle Fest is one of the biggest summer festivals in Albania which annually brings together the miracle of beach and the best music from some of the most known domestic and foreign and the best music from some of the most known domestic and foreign DJ’s. Last year, this festival brought together around 5,000 music lovers and probably this year will be more people to attend this crazy journey. Turtle Fest 2018 will be a three-day activity, so get prepared to dance under the rhythms of the international guests and performing DJ’s as well as to enjoy the beautiful Ionian sea and sun. In these three days “Turtle Fest” offers a magic atmosphere and a unique experience for everyone.

3. South Outdoor Festival

©South Outdoor Festival

Picture © Credits to South Outdoor Festival

So[uth Outdoor Festival]( offers a series of activities that will take place in other villages of Himara Municipality; events that will highlight the strong connection between the sea and the mountains in the hinterland. During the 3 day festival, participants have the chance to engage in different outdoor activities such as : paragliding, bike tours, hiking and diving. You can also choose to relax and soak up stories around the campfire, in the entertainment tents in the vibrant heart of the festival hub. Live music, iso-polyphony (the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage), will be present during the whole festival. The villagers, as hosts, will cook using their bio products and prepare traditional dishes for everyone.

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