EXIT Music Adventure: The Portals To Freedom

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Sea and snow. Summer and winter. Sound and silence. Energyadventurelovesensation… or should I just say EXIT Freedom! The explosion of sounds and lights in five countries, five festivals, five amazingly beautiful locations!

EXIT Festival is a synonym for the great music, amazing atmosphere, unforgettable adventure, connection, love and freedom. It was created in 2000 as a protest against the government and a student movement in Serbia, but it soon became an international one. In the last couple of years Exit family has been growing and in 2017, 4 summer festivals were shaking the ground in Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Croatia. This year EXIT has one more member - brand new event called Fe[stival 84](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/exit-music-adventure-winter-music-sensation-l9x5) in Bosnia and Herzegovina is going to be held in the Olympic Mountain Jahorina! Festival 84 is the first winter festival organized by EXIT, very promising one, as it seems by now!

All together, these 5 festivals represent EXIT Freedom.

Apart from Festival 84, other festivals have been many times nominated and awarded by the most prestigious festival awards. The award of the Best Major Festival by European Festival Awards went this year to the main EXIT event - EXIT Festival in Novi Sad. And that was not the first, but the second time! Exit won the same award in 2014. The sea edition of EXIT festival - Sea Dance won the Best Mid-Sized European festival award.

EXIT Festivals have always had social responsibility and aim to fight for the unity of countries and their people. And no better way to do so as with a good music beats!

The awards are speaking for themselves, but what is really spectacular and the most important is the atmosphere you feel once you take part in one of the festivals. Actually, it begins just after you decide to buy a ticket. Excitement! Expectation! Rush to buy an early bird ticket and ensure your place before anyone else. Follow up with the lineup and experience the excitement every time new performer is announced. And finally, travel to exotic destinations and enjoy the freedom, love, friendships, snow, sun, sea, fun!

What else could I say than - Save the dates and buy your tickets for the major European music events!

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