Popular mountain peaks of Azerbaijan

Aydan Isayeva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Mountaineering and climbing are some of the most popular extreme sports. Thanks to its diverse landscape, including the mountainous and rocky areas, the mountaineering, hiking and climbing tourism are well developed in Azerbaijan. Approximately one half of the territory of Azerbaijan is occupied by mountains: in the north - the ridge of the Great Caucasus and in the south-west - the ridge of the Small Caucasus. Let me introduce you the popular mountain peaks that you can climb in the Land of Fire.

Mount Bazarduzu

Mount Bazarduzu is the highest peak of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the height of 4466 m. This mountain is located on the border of Dagestan and Azerbaijan. The mountain is composed of porphyry and shale. The Bazarduzu peak is considered to be a kind of border sign, since its northern slope is located and belongs to one state, and the southern one is completely different. From the Azerbaijani and Turkish languages, the name of Mount Bazarduzu is translated as “a market square" since, in ancient times, in the east of Bazarduzu, annually were held the trade fairs. The first documented climbing of the highest mountain peak of Azerbaijan - Mount Bazarduzu was in 1847.

Picture © credits to tanci-kavkaza.ru

Shahdag Mountain

The height of the Shahdag peak, that is located in the Qusar region, is 4243 meters. According to the researchers, due to its height, the mountain is called the "Shah Dag", which means "the King of Mountains" in the Azeri language. Brown Shahdag, without a snow-capped peak, looks like a huge castle, attracting the tourists with its nature. It is composed mainly of limestones and dolomites. The landscape is composed of the glaciers, waterfalls and high-mountain meadows.

Picture © credits to BSANI

Tufandag Mountain

Tufandag Mountain is located on the main Caucasian Range, in the territory of the Qusar region. Its height is 4191 m. This name "tufan" means "the flood" in the Azeri language. It is often associated with severe winds, blizzards, and thunderstorms in the mountain. On one of the mountain slopes, at the altitude of 3000 m, is located the source of the river Kudialchay. The village of Khinaliq is located at the height of Mount Tufan, between Kizilkaya, Shahdag and Mount Xindiq.

Picture © credits to ovqat.com

Charundag Mountain

Charundag is a mountain peak of the Main Caucasus Range in Russia (Dokuzparinsky District of Dagestan) and Azerbaijan in the territory of the Gabala Region. The height of the mountain peak is 4079.5 m. Among the peaks of the Main Caucasus Range, Charundag is behind the peaks of Bazarduzu and Ragdan. The state border of the Russian Federation with the Republic of Azerbaijan runs along the top of the Charundag Mountain.

Picture © credits to kuprblog.blogspot.com

Climbing the Caucasus mountains of Azerbaijan has its specific features. The legendary Caucasus with its popular mountain peaks is probably one of the most majestic mountains in the world. In the fall, the mountains in the Caucasus become more unpredictable. Hiking the Shahdag and Bazarduzu can not be compared with any other mountains in the world. Besides enjoying the climbing, you can also have the best holiday in the Shahdag Mountain Resort.

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