Russia: a humble beauty of the biggest country

Victoria Derzhavina | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Russia is the biggest country in the world, and it is irresistibly beautiful. You will find many extraordinary things here, and its humble beauty will comfort your heart and fill it with unforgettable impressions. A large territory means diversity, and diversity always creates many possibilities. Vast expanses of Russia offer you a wide range of choices for enjoyment and discoveries.

Photo © Credits to CarrotySonia

A variety of spectacular landscapes and activities

Russia is a huge country that stretches over a distance of amazing 10 000 kilometers, from the west to the east, and 4 000 kilometers, from the north to the south. With its climate changing from arctic to subtropical, it suggests you a variety of spectacular landscapes and activities: polar lights and dog-sleigh rides in the north; sun-soaked palms and yachting in the south; rafting and climbing in the rocks, and the Caucasus Mountains are among the most popular places for this; mystery paths, sparkling waterfalls, and picturesque lakes in the taiga, icluding famous lake Baikal. And the symbols of Russian nature are simple and beautiful – a chamomiles meadow and a birch grove. Even in the big cities, there is always an oasis of nature. In the city parks, you can take a breath of fresh air, as well as get a little exercise – hire a bike, roller skates, or a boat, try dancing, or yoga, or workout place. Russians love traditions and always celebrate old Russian festivals with much éclat. If you visit the country during the New Year days, Maslenitsa, or the Easter, you can easily join them. The celebrations never go without the decorated streets and squares, music, dances, traditional games and food in the open air.

Traditional dishes cooked in clay pots

Traditional Russian cuisine is simple but rich and delicious. In old times, food was cooked in the clay pots (in Russian furness), which made it very tasty and useful for the health. Nowadays, there are not that many places where a traditional method of cooking is used. However, traditional Russian dishes are worthy to be tasted. The Russians can’t imagine their lunch without a bowl of soup. Our traditional soups are shchi (cabbage soup), ukha (fish soup), solyanka (thick, spicy and sour soup), mushroom soup, okroshka (cold soup). Together with bread, there are many other kinds of pastries, for example, pirozhki – small baked or fried buns with different salty fillings, such as meat, mushrooms, rice and eggs, mashed potatoes, cabbage, or sweet fillings – apple, cherry, raspberry. The traditional Russian drinks are usually made from berries or honey – mors, kissel, kvas, medovukha, sbiten.

Moscow never sleeps

There is a saying “Moscow never sleeps”, and it is true for all big cities. During the sunset, Moscow ignites millions of lights and suddenly gets a new look like Cinderella before going to a ball. You can just walk in a romantic atmosphere of the streetlights and watch a dancing fountain in the park. Or you can go to one of the nightclubs, where you can choose between jazz, or hits of the 80-s, or visit a themed party. Russia invites you to come to explore and experience. A humble beauty of the biggest country will never make you feel bored. You’ll find here striking sceneries at every step and thousands of kilometers of adventures. If you come to Russia with an open heart, you will leave it with a wealth of impressions.

Photo © Credits to AlexeyKononov

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