Gabala – the place of green love

Nilufar | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Tired of your city chaos and everyday life far from the nature? Looking for a green escape? There is place where falling in love with nature is guaranteed. It is called Gabala, the greenest place in the Caucasus.

Gabala is a mountainous region in the north part of Azerbaijan. When I say mountainous, don’t think about just rocks and peaks without any herbs. Mountains in Gabala are one of the greenest mountains you can ever see.


During your trip to Gabala, there are several places that you have to consider on your “must see” list. Yeddi Gozel (Seven Beauty) waterfall is one of those marvelous places, which takes a bit long time to reach there, but it is worth to have this journey. A beautiful scenery of the forest that you see along the way is as pretty as the waterfall itself. Finally, at the time of arriving the view of spectacular waterfall reminds hidden and shy beauty of the nature.


Next destination is Nohurgol Lake, which is one of the most beautiful parts of Gabala. It is located among the mountains with an outstanding view around. While there, I would suggest you to take a gondola tour on the lake to have a romantic moment and to enjoy fabulous scenery of the nature.


Besides the natural beauty, there is also fun part of Gabala, which is waiting for to be discovered. Gabaland is an amusement park inside the natural beauty that offers gorgeous view around as well as the entertainment with variety of attractions such as karting, playground, bungee trampoline, pedal boats and other entertainment tools for both children and adults. Thus, Gabaland is the place for the whole family to have an unforgettable trip.


Visit Gabala and make your trip. :)

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