Discover Azerbaijan - A Land of Fire!

Nilufar | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Why not discover a new place on the doorstep of Europe, and experience a totally different culture? I am glad to introduce Land of Fire as a new destination, which suggest you extraordinary travel experience. Azerbaijan is a small beauty in the Caucasus region that offers a plentiful nature and culture together. It is located between Caucasus Mountains; Greater Caucasus range in the North, Lesser Caucasus range in the West and South-West and lowland to the center of the country, which promises diversified nature with unique experience. Besides the mountains and lowlands, Caspian Sea in the East allows one to enjoy the beauty of sea, sand and sun in the beaches.

Azerbaijan also known as a “Land of Fire”. There are several beliefs about the origin of this nickname. According to certain historians, it comes from the ancient culture of Zoroastrianism, which belongs the years dated before Christ. It was a religion with an ideology of fire worship. Moreover, certain people assume that the country is called “Land of Fire” for the wide range of oil and gas reserves it has. One more reason to believe in this view is that there are certain places where natural gas comes out as a fire, which is burning constantly and creating an incredible view that is unique for Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is an ancient country containing at least one detail from every slide of the timeline. Numerous cultures were created here and many others were brought from East and West in the history. Moreover, it is the country which is being modernized day by day. Harmony of antiquity and modernity creates an inimitable journey.

If you want to go out of cliché and live extraordinary experiences at the same time, Azerbaijan is the best option out there. Whatever your choice is, Land of Fire is the destination.

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