Hiking in Caucasus – The most remote area Khinalig

Nilufar | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Introducing a destination, which will give you an extraordinary hiking experience and a chance of exploring the lost village.

It is the most remote area in Azerbaijan territory, which stood 2500m in height on the Greater Caucasus Mountains in Guba district. Khinalig is one the highest living area in the Caucasus region. This is the place that promises an outstanding scenery of Greater Caucasus, which is not discovered yet.

The village is 5000 years old. As a result of the remoteness of the village, population isolated from the civilization and conserved the living style and the culture over the centuries. Residents speak in a language that belongs only to the village and found nowhere else.

Another interesting fact about the village is the architecture of the houses. The whole village is composed of 360 houses built of cobblestones 200-300 years ago. As the village is located among the mountains and the relief is rocky, houses were built over one another. The roof of one house is the courtyard for the other one.

The population of the village is about 2000, and consist of four families. Each family has a special pattern of carpet and clothing, as well as its own graveyard. Khinalig residents were fire worshipers for centuries and they are Muslims at present. It is possible to find mosques and fire temples, which belongs to various timelines. Not far from the village, there are many holy places such as graves of saints and caves.

There are so many hiking tours to Khinalig. Tour prices differ according to the number of destination. In most cases, there are several destinations in the hiking tours. Mainly, the tours are for one day and 3 times meal is included to the tour pack. As well as, a tour guide will show and give information about the must-see places. The basic price starts from 20 EUR per person and goes up due to the services provided.

Khinalig will be definitely an unforgettable travel experience with its history, culture, nature.

An extraordinary adventure is waiting for you!

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