New Year's Eve Balkan destinations

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The coolest cities in the region

I know right, probably the question:“Where are you going for the New Year’s Eve?” brings you nothing but anxiety, as you don’t even know where you will be going for a weekend trip the following month. The celebration is only a few months(even a month) away, so it is never too early to start planning.If you already have your plans sorted out, cudos to you. If you don’t have anything sorted out yet, don’t panic. I am here to present you the top destinations on Balkans where you can go with your friends or a loved one and have the most amazing time, the perfect ending of the 2017. Maybe you will even change your mind and you decide to switch your route. Sure, you can always go to the nearest pub or restaurant, stay home or go skiing in the resort that you have always been going to. But hear me out and check out these top Balkan places for the New Year's Eve.

Special for some, irrelevant for the other, New Year's Eve is a remarkable holiday and inevitably a reason to gather with your group of chosen people and celebrate. And while this puts so much pressure on you, trying to adjust everyone's wishes and budget, I will list you some of the cities that might broaden your list (now don't hate me for that one), and that will offer you a refreshing, undiscovered, highly affordable spots that promise great and unforgettable night, despite how much you (don't) care about it. Didn't you say for your last year's resolution that you will try out new things? Exactly, so keep reading.

Novi Sad - This charming city at the northern Serbia, also known for its annual Exit Music Festival, is definitely one of the most visited spots at that time of the year, especially by the people worldwide, whose heart was left there when they once visited. The city offers plenty of clubs, kafana (tradditional restaurants) and bars with live music, amazing atmosphere and very friendly people who will make your night memorable. However, Novi Sad is not for the weak ones, and if you don't want to start your celebration from early afternoon, then this is not the spot for you. I would highly suggest you to check out this beautiful town because rummor has it, they have the best "day parties" there. Bar hopping is one of the best options there, so when you go, don't feel bad for not having anything booked. Just follow the crowd.

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Belgrade - As you have already guessed, this famous Serbia's capital has so much to offer, especially for the crazy New Year's Eve. In case you just find yourself there without any specific plans where to go, don't you worry. Just head straight to the center, to the Republic Square, where you will, allong with million other friendly people, listen to the best music performers and bands of the region. In case you seem like that is way too adventorous for you, and after all, December is quite cold in Serbia, then reserve your spots in the best kafana, clubs and splav (indoor boat-clubs at the river of Sava and Danube), where you will enjoy in the amazing atmoshpere, decadent Serbian cuisine,and the crowd that will party like there is no tomorrow.

In case you find yourself awake before noon (I know I am going way ahead with this one), make sure to check out the Belgrade New Year's market at the very center, as it will offer, apart from the beautiful performances and humanitarian manifestations, an amazing opportunity to enjoy in the morning coffee, or maybe early morning drink while buying the best of the Serbian cuisine and artworks.

Sofia- Among ancient cities of Europe, Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is a great place to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve. Located at the foot of Mount Vitosha in the western part of the country, the city will have many things to attract you on next coming holidays. The first event that you should not miss is definitely the NYE concert in the Batenberg Square. Sofia welcomes New Year with plenty of entertainment varying from rap bands to traditional folklore music. Another interesting place to welcome New Years Eve is Knyaz Aklexander I square with entertainments from last hours of previous year til early hours of New Year. Performers will be famous Bulgarian pop singers, live bands and folk troupes. Sofia is one of the greatest places in Europe to NYE parties. The nightclubs are open until early morning, alcohol is cheap, and everybody seems to love to party.

Budva - I know, you are probably wondering why am I suggesting the beautiful seaside town in Montenegro for a festivity such as New Year's Eve. However, if you decide to spend the holiday in a romantic way with your loved one, and you are kind of tired from all the crowd and hectic places, craving less touristy spots, then Budva, the city of love, is the right spot for you. Yet, if you find yourself unbooked for the night, you cannot make a mistake by starting the night at some of the beautiful restaurants by the sea, and going to the beautiful, medieval style main square to listen to some live music and enjoy in the beautiful view.

Zlatibor - In case you are not the type of person who would go to a mountain for skiing and other winter activities, and you still want the atmosphere and the liveliness of a large town, than Zlatibor, beautiful mountain region situated in the western part of Serbia is definitely the place for you. The town-like resort offers a unique balance of beautiful, untouched nature and bars, restaurants and clubs of a big city. Book a trip with a group of your friends, rent a small, mountain house and spend the memorable New Year's Eve either indoor, or just outisde, while listening to live, tradditional music, drinking rakia and eating the best of the Serbia's cuisine.

Finally, these have been just some of the suggestions for your New Year's Eve, as there is definitely way more to it. I warmly advice you to take a look at these options and book a trip as soon as possible. And if New Years's Eve just puts way too much pressure on you, there is always some other time to visit these amazing spots. In any case stay tuned, as I will try to reveal you more of the hidden gems of the region.

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