Montenegrin coast and its amazing beaches

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The Montenegrin coast with its jagged shores and crystal blue sea has the amazing beaches, each of them particular in a certain way. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the swimming season often starts as from the end of April and can last until mid-October. There are as many popular & busy beaches as the small & hidden ones reserved for more adventurous people who love wild nature and enjoy exploring the less known.

From the southernmost point near the city of Ulcinj with the long sandy beaches, the Montenegrin coast can offer places for everyone’s taste. In Bar, Budva and Petrovac beaches are mostly pebbles, while the Boka Bay is known for its small concrete beaches built directly into the sea.

Ulcinj & Bar

Ulcinj is one of the most popular summer destinations in Montenegro. It is different from the rest of the coast due to its long sandy beaches - Velika Plaza and Ada Bojana. 13 km long Velika Plaza, covered with a soft sand, is a popular kite and windsurfing destination. The main city beach is Mala Plaza, near the Ulcinj Old town, nice one if you don’t have enough time to explore around, but not the best one that Ulcinj has to offer.

Bar, on the other side, has more pebble beaches. The most beautiful ones are located along the main road, before entering the center of the city, and they often have beach bars built near. When in Bar, make sure to check out Utjeha and Dobra Voda as well as Crvena (Red) Beach – a small one, close to nearby Šušanj.

Budva & Petrovac

Budva, the most popular city for the nightlife, is not less known for its wonderful pebble beaches located near to the town or a bit outside. Some of them are just a few steps from the center of the city: Slovenska beach, Ričardova Glava and Mogren. The other ones like Rijeka Reževići and Drobni Pijesak are worth visiting as well, though all of the mentioned places can be overcrowded during July and August. However, if you happen to be in Budva and want to spend some peaceful time in a somehow isolated place, you can take a boat ride to the St Nicola Island and spend your day at Mirna Luka beach bar - cute, clean and quiet place with a beautiful view and transparent bluish water.

Opposite of Budva, Petrovac is a calm place, with a peculiar Mediterranean charm. As beautiful as the beaches close to the city are also Lučice and Perazića Do, situated just a few km from the town.

Boka Bay

The history, the culture and the environment differ the Boka Bay from the rest of Montenegro. Small towns, each with its own bay, an authentic architecture and narrow streets along the shores make this area unique in many ways. In the Boka Bay, the sandy and pebble beaches are small, and there are only a few of them in every city, but there are the concrete stone beaches that the Boka Bay is famous for. The Kotor Bay with Stoliv, Prčanj, Muo and Dobrota settlements are the most peculiar. In front of every house or palace that are located along the shore, there are small stone places, almost never overcrowded and here and there organized as beach bars or small restaurants.

Herceg Novi is a bit different, it has pebble beaches Zanjic, Mirišta and Dobrec, and in Tivat, the most beautiful beaches are Seljanovo and Verige.

Amazing beaches along the Montenegrin coast are all different, and wherever you stay, you can explore a few of them and choose the one you like the most. If you like riding a boat or a kayak, then there are numerous hidden places that you can discover alone. Those are cute but so small beaches that sometimes doesn't even have a name. However, there are plenty of choices, and it is hard not to have a good time when visiting Montenegro, especially during the summer.

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