Ada Bojana - a hedonist wonderland

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Situated on the most southern part of the Montenegrin coast, Ada Bojana is an island close to the border with Albania. It is formed by the river delta of the Bojana River, and it has a triangular shape. Two sides of the island are on the river, while the third one is on the sea. Along the sea, there is a three kilometres long sandy beach with a popular nudist resort. In terms of enjoyment, Ada Bojana is a hedonist wonderland. It is one of the most interesting places on the Montenegrin coast. With vast sandy beaches by the sea, small wooden houses by the river, constant sea breeze and a naturist camp - Ada Bojana is a synonym for freedom. With its intact nature, it is one of the most accurate examples of the wild Montenegrin beauty.

Nudist beach

After building a naturist resort in 1973, Ada became a very popular place. In the beginning, it was only accessible by a boat, but few years later a bridge was made. The whole resort looks very beautiful, and it is constructed in accordance with nature. It has great capacities, but it can never be too many people here, as the place is very spacious and broad.

The nudist beach is vast, and there is also a space for people preferring to keep their clothes on. However, sunbathing while laying down on the soft sand, listening to the sound of waves and feeling a pleasant breeze that is constant here, is something that will keep you stay for days.


Ada Bojana has an attractive location. It is only 15 km away from Ulcinj, and if you look for a bit lively and crowded place, the town is easy to reach. On the other side, Ada is close to Velika Plaža (Long Beach) – the best kitesurfing destination in the Balkans. This is a 13 km long beach, with many beach bars and clubs and kitesurfing schools. Not far from here, one can also visit Salina – one of the most valuable bird habitats in Europe.

If you ask me, it is a luxury to have an opportunity to stay in such a place, which is in every term – wild and free. We consider it to be a hedonist wonderland, and coming here means turning off your Wifi and letting yourself forget about all the plans and worries. Enjoying in each and every moment spent here, that’s all one is supposed to do. At Ada Bojana sunsets are just like the ones from those perfect photographs, and when the sun goes down, a clear sky full of stars will make you dream of spending a night here, just under the open sky. Magnificent as it is, Ada Bojana is something unique and definitely a must see when in Montenegro.

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