Velika Plaža – the leading Balkan and Adriatic kitesurf destination

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Are you attracted by the water sports and you wish to try some of them? Or are you already a pro, fully excited that summer is here and that you can get wild on the water? If you only have an interest in kitesurfing, your skills level is not so important as there is a place in Montenegro where anyone can learn to kitesurf or examine their advanced skills. This place is close to the shores of the longest beach in our country - Velika Plaža (Long Beach). A soft sand, shallow water and the constant wind make it a favorite site for wind and kite surfers. Velika Plaza is the leading Balkan and Adriatic kitesurf destination.

Velika Plaža is a 13 km-long beach near Ulcinj. In the last couple of years, interest in kitesurfing increased rapidly, which as a result has many kitesurfing clubs opened here. People from all around the world are coming every summer for long holidays here, and they claim that one-week stay here is just too short for such an amazing place.

Kitesurfing Clubs

There are several kitesurfing clubs around here. Almost all of them have a beach bar with refreshing drinks and chill music. They offer kitesurfing courses for kids as well as for adults. In a case you don’t need classes, you can just rent the equipment and let yourself enjoy the wind and waves.

Among the most popular clubs are Sandbox kite club, Kiteloop, Dolcinium Kite Surf Club and Pacha Surf Club. Some of them even offer accommodation capacities close to the beach and kitesurf area. Even if you don’t surf, these clubs are great just for chillin’ and sunbathing in their comfortable hammocks or sunbeds.

Kitesurfing Schools

So, for the beginners or those who need a bit more practice and instructions, there are kitesurfing schools during the whole summer. They are usually one week long, very exciting and interesting. Opened every year from May to October, the kitesurfing clubs and schools are available for people of any age. For the ones who are trying this sport for the first time, it takes up to three days to have the first individual surf. Once you try, you will fall in love with this sport! The beginning can be tricky, but the improvement is obvious, which will motivate you to continue.

Similar to Ada Bojana, the best thing about Velika Plaža is that it is so big that it can never be crowded. Whenever you need a place to enjoy the calmness and sounds of waves, the wind and birds, you can easily find it here, and have some quiet time for yourself. At the same time, during the day, something is always happening here – gigs during the day, parties, concerts or similar events in the evenings. This leading Balkan and Adriatic kitesurf destination is perfect, if you want to have an active holiday on the seaside.

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