Prčanj - an idyllic waterfront town

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Prčanj is a cute small town nestled between settlements of Muo and Stoliv, along the Bay of Kotor. It lies on the right side of the Vrmac hill and has an idyllic waterfront position. It has a perfect location if you wish to spend some time close to Kotor, but you prefer avoiding a noise and rush of a popular touristic city. From the center of Kotor, Prčanj is only 5 km away.

From the streets and beaches of Prčanj, you can admire the view of nearby mountains – Lovćen and Orjen. The architecture of the town resembles the Italian construction style, as Prčanj developed the most during the Venetian reign. Many whitestone villas decorated with flowers make the town look romantic and dreamy.

Venetian influence on the town's architecture

The present look Prčanj got between the 16th - 18th century, when it was under the Venetian rule. Back then, the town was called Perzagno and had a significant maritime role. The older cultural monuments preserved to date are the Church of St. Toma, dating from the 9th century, and the Church of St. Ivan, from the 13th century. The most impressive monument is Our Lady’s Temple, built in the baroque style and dedicated to the birth of the Holy Virgin. This is one of the largest sacred objects in the Adriatic and the largest one in the Boka Bay. They have been building this church for more than 120 years. Even the local ship-owners have participated in its construction by donating a half of their monthly income.

One of the most famous and beautiful stories you will hear while traveling around the Kotor Bay comes right from here. Tre sorelle is the legend about three sisters who were in love with the same sailor. Their house, that testimonies their unfortunate love and sacrifice, still exists in the town and represents one of the most recognizable monuments of this place.

Prčanj in the past

In the past, Prčanj had a crucial role in the bay. The town gained its prosperity starting from the 17th century. Due to the fact that sailors from Prčanj were faster in traveling to Venice than the government ships, they earned the role of official mail service for the Republic. This contributed to Prčanj's economic growth in the 18th century, and made it a maritime center. One can be reassured of Prčanj’s welfare with a single glance on their houses that are decorated with a coat of arms – a visible sign of wealth. Apart from this, the citizens of Prčanj were the only in the region to have its currency.

The most notable resident of Prčanj Ivo Visin, a naval captain and explorer, was the first one from the Balkans to circumnavigate the world with his ship named ‘’Splendido’’. He did this in the 19th century, on the request of the Habsburg monarchy, and was awarded a flag of honor, which is today displayed inside of Our Lady's Temple.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Prčanj was declared as a natural health resort. That made the town a popular place during the whole year and attracted even more tourists. The airflow above the bay enriches the atmosphere with minerals and ions, which positively affects the respiratory system.

Prčanj nowadays

As accommodation facilities in Kotor became overbooked during summer, Prčanj grew into an alternative place to stay. With a lot of small concrete-gravel beaches, this is an excellent spot if you want to have a place to sunbath and swim just in front of your accommodation.

The best time to visit Prčanj is the end of August and the beginning of September, when the weather is still warm, cultural events around the region still on, but the coast is not anymore so crowded.

This idyllic waterfront town has a beautiful promenade along the shore, a lot of small charming restaurants with their terraces right next to the water, and many benches to rest and enjoy the view. In Prčanj, you can feel like living in a different century while walking between old stone houses, baroque churches and remains of impressive old palaces. Even if you decide to stay somewhere else, make sure to plan your visit to this romantic and dreamy place at least for a day.

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