Kotor - the city for every season

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Among all the beautiful places from the northernmost to the southernmost part of Montenegro, there is one city that took my heart long ago and keeps making me coming back, again and again. During summer or winter, spring or autumn, Kotor is the city that has many events, traditional as well as modern. Its rich history and authentic architecture makes you fall in love with the town just upon your first visit. Kotor is, without a doubt, the city for every season!

Spring / Summer

Kotor is the city with many sunny days during whole year. However, everyone is looking forward to the spring when it gets possible to sit outside for hours. When cafes open their terraces it gets almost impossible to find a free spot at the first attempt. Spring is the perfect season to explore the city as during summer, degrees are often above 35. It is much easier to climb up to the Castle of San Giovanni and enjoy the great view or visit interesting spots around the Old Town.

In summer, when tourists occupy the city, we use to spend our days on the beach. As everything is near, it is easy to drive from one beach to another every two hours. We like changing places and having our day full of different activities. There is a wide variety of beach bars and restaurants, so it is possible to choose to be in a calm atmosphere or in a place where loud music plays throughout the whole day.

Evenings are always reserved for the nights out. Almost every night there are different kind of events, concerts and festivals organized in the city center. The Old Town is full of people and nights can be really fun and entertaining.

Autumn / Winter

Autumn in Kotor looks like extended summer. Tourists are still in the city, days are full of sunshine, the water is warm enough for swimming and in the inner city events continues to take place. The only difference is in tempo. People are bit more relaxed as the main touristic period is behind them; days are a bit shorter; there are less people at the beaches and cafes; and restaurants do not have as many guests as during the summer. These days are just perfect to sit down by the sea and listen the sound of waves. It can even happen to have whole beach just for yourself! Ideal moments to appreciate all the calmness and beauty around you.

Winters in Kotor can be rainy and bleak, but from time to time, sunny days bring back warm feelings of spring even in December or January. However, there is always a way to add some colors to the gloomy days! One can often catch a cheerful atmosphere in Old Town's bars and pubs, but there are traditional events as well that take people out of their homes and draw attention of many tourists who come to join in celebrating the tradition!

New Year's Eve, followed by 3 more days of events, is usually celebrated all around the Old Town with concerts on the main square - Trg od oružja (The Arms Square) and DJ shows in pubs. Another popular event during winter, like in many other places around the world, is of course the Winter Carnival! Every year in February many musical and theatrical groups in their original costumes, as well as artists from Kotor (and Montenegro in general) perform in front of the visitors.

As you can see, Kotor is indeed the city for every season, a place where you can have fun and pleasant time whenever you come.

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