Vrmac mountain - the most amazing panoramas of Boka Bay

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

There are many amazing places around Boka Bay from where you can admire wonderful views and panoramas. Yet, my favorite spot has always been Vrmac mountain with the most amazing panoramas of Boka Bay.

Vrmac is an extension of Lovcen mountain and peninsula that divides Kotor and Tivat Bay. Therefore, on the one side you can enjoy the view of Kotor, from the highest peak of Vrmac - St Ilija (785 m) and on the other side, is the view of Tivat with Tivat Archipelago consisting of Peninsula Prevlaka (Peninsula of Flowers), Island of St. Marko and the island of Our Lady of Mercy.

Vrmac stretches to Verige Strait and in the the past, mountain had a great strategic significance as the border between the Ottoman Empire and the Venetian Republic was just through Verige. That is the reason why today there are traces of fortification facilities, built for the defense of the borders.

Trekking and biking around Vrmac

The main pedestrian walkway along the mountain ridge is perfect for mountain biking or trekking. The path is wide and goes through amazing wild nature, forests, and sometimes narrows taking you to the authentic and very cute settlements with old stone houses. For example, Gornja Lastva is a nice place to make a break and have a rest, and meeting some of the hospitable people there can be an interesting experience.

When in Vrmac, make sure to visit Fort Vrmac - a former fortification of the Austro-Hungarian Empire located on the southern end of the mountain. Actually, the fort is often the starting point for many trips.

Vrmac is the most beautiful during spring or at the begging of the fall, as it is not to warm to walk around and one can enjoy in watching truly wonderful sunsets. If you decide to visit Vrmac, leave a whole day for this adventure as once you climb to the top, you'll realize that even a whole day spend at this place is just not enough.

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