Carpe Diem: Sunny day in Budva

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

When preparing their trip to Montenegro, many people have Budva as their main destination and starting point. When Montenegrins plan their summer, it is the same. Budva is an attractive and live city with many events and happenings during summertime. It is the most visited city in Montenegro but here are few words on how I see Budva, and how I like to spend my day in this beautiful coastal city.

When I think of Budva, first thing that crosses my mind is the scent of the sea salt, delicious taste of the freshly grilled fish, the sound of waves and crowded curvy narrow streets of the Old Town… and of course SUN! Budva has many sunny days, on almost every day from March ‘til November. The sky is clear during the day and starry during the night.

You can find so many blogs and descriptions of a summer spent in Budva, but what I really enjoy is spending a day or two in Budva during winter. As I previously said, from March to November is mostly sunny, but for me the perfect days in Budva are those sunny one in December and January when you can feel the cold breeze on your face, hear even louder waves and enjoy in peaceful, empty streets of the small Old Town.

I usually start my day with a long walk along the seashore and a bit before the sun reaches its zenith, I place myself at Ricardova Glava Beach or on the terrace of The Old Fisherman pub just few meters away from the water. Once I feel I caught enough of the vitamin D, I like to peep inside small shops situated all over the Old Town and check if anything new is open or made.

There is one restaurant I visit every single time I come to Budva. It is outside of the city, on the way to the Jaz Beach. Located on a hill, above Jaz Beach, it has unique viewpoints and from there I have seen the most magical sunsets ever.

In the evening, if feel like going out, I often choose Hemingway bar, a trendy place where you can listen local groups performing Jazz or Blues music.

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