Hiking around Montenegro: Pestingrad - the peak above the city of Kotor

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

What many people will point out as an advantage when it comes to Montenegro is how small it is. So small that it is possible to visit the north and south of the country in only one day. What nature lovers like the most is that it takes up to only 2-3 hours by bus, from the capital, to reach the foot of any mountain or any starting point for hiking in order to spend a wonderful and active day in nature.

There are many clubs and hiking groups in Montenegro, but among the most popular ones is the Montenegro Phototrekking - a group known for organizing trekking trips in order to meet secret corners of our beautiful country and enjoy in the nature in full capacity.

Last week, they took us from Podgorica, through Cetinje and Njeguši to Pestingrad - the peak just above the city of Kotor. We had an opportunity to admire the mesmerizing view on Kotor and Boka Bay and then reach Kotor by foot - through forests and the old rocky paths. It was the wonderful hike and definitely the one I would recommend to everyone willing to meet continental and coastal part of Montenegro in just one day.

Pestingrad peak is located above Kotor at 1009 m. A beautiful panoramic view from this peak leaves no one indifferent. Once you reach the peak, you can enjoy in the mesmerizing panorama and tranquility while being refreshed by the breeze that is almost constantly present here. From the peak, one can see Kotor, Tivat and Luštica bays, the Tivat Airport, Vrmac Mountain, the city of Kotor, Perast, the two peaks of Lovćen – Jezerski Peak and Štirovnik, Mountain Orjen, etc. Pestingrad can be reached from several directions by marked trails. From the direction of Cetinje, we reach Pestingrad through Njeguši and Krstac. From Krstac, Pestingrad is about 2 km away. It is also possible to reach the peak along the marked trails from Kotor and this way the altitude difference is about 1000 m.

From Krstac, there is a marked trail leading through lush nature to Pestingrad. After we reached the peak and spend some time enjoying the view, we went back the same way to Krstac. Then, in the opposite direction we headed towards Kotor, firstly along the tarred road and then again through nature, narrow wild paths and forest.

As we have entered the forest, we enjoyed being in the shade and only sometimes we could see bluish sea that looms across the dense treetops. From here the trail goes only downhill, all the way to the city of Kotor.

At the exit from the forest, the path widens and it becomes rocky and a bit slippery. It is a zigzag path with a beautiful view of Kotor Bay. Already tired we were trying to shorten our way by using as many shortcuts as possible. However, after an hour we were at the valley under the San Giovanni Fortress.

At the fortress we made again a small break and enjoyed the view of Kotor's redish roofs while waiting everyone to come. Then down by the short and narrow stairs of San Giovanni fortress, we went to the Old city of Kotor where we enjoyed some sea food and white wine while commenting the hike and summing up impressions of the day. One is sure - a day spent in nature is a day worth living!

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