Explore the medieval Bavaria region!

Alara Benlier | Live the World

November 23, 2022

With its half-timbered houses, medieval castles, and gorgeous churches, Bavaria is one of the oldest regions in Germany! If you want to experience a real German experience, you have to check out Bavaria. To explore this gorgeous region, here is the list of cities that you shouldn't miss! So if you have 10 days and a great camera, here is your guide!

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, should be your first stop! In order to explore Munich, you need 2 days. Munich -which is probably known with its yearly beer fest- is the largest city in the south of Germany and also where BMW was born! It is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany with its museums, architecture, people and of course the culture. The City Hall has the most historical attractions of Munich. You can find the famous Frauenkirche in here. Frauenkirche was built between 1468 and 1494 and it has a capacity of 20,000 people! It is a great landmark of Munich with it 99-meter high twin towers. Oh, and you have to check the Devil's Footsteps which is a black mark but according to the legend, this is where the devil stood. The Old Town Hall has the Residenz which is former residence of Bavarian Kings! The Residenz was originally a small castle but it was expanded. In this lovely building, you can find Cuvilliés Theatre, Hercules Hall where you can listen to Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, of course, the Renaissance Antiquarium, the Baroque Ancestral Gallery, and the Bavaria treasury! Nymphenburg Palace is a baroque palace which was a summer residence for the Bavarian Kings. This amazing palace was built in 1664 and it has a 200-hectare park! You can always go and enjoy a sunny day in this park. Munich is also very rich when it comes to its museums! BMW Museum explains the history of famous BMW cars and definitely, a must visit place for a BMW car enthusiast. Another great museum is Stadtmuseum! In this cool museum, you can find the war-torn in Munich and of course an excellent musical instruments museum and puppetry which makes it perfect for families with kids. For the art lovers, Munich National Theatre is the best! In this museum, you can enjoy ballet shows and opera almost every day! It is said that this theatre is one of the best in the World. Football is one of the most popular things in here as well, thanks to FC Bayern München. If you like football, Olympiastadion Munich is a must visit stop for you. This stadium hosted important matches like 1974 World Cup Finals, Euro '88 Final, and European Cup Finals at '79, '93 and 1997. For checking out cute animals and if you are traveling with little ones, you have to visit Hellabrunn Zoo which is one of the largest zoos in the World. And of course the festivals! If you are around in Munich mid-September, Oktoberfest -which is an annual beer festival- is a definitely a must stop because it is the far most enjoyable festival of all the time!

The Neuschwanstein Castle, a magnificient castle in Bavaria, Germany , was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria aka "Fairytale King" in 1886. Vey close to the town of Fussen, the Neuschwanstein Castle (New Swanstone Castle) is located in the Alps in Bavaria and has an amazing view since it is on the top of a hill, gazing the Hohenschwangau valley. So when you visit this castle, you will be not only mesmerized by not only the otherworldly castle but also breathtaking lanscapes of the Alps and the valley. No wonder why this castle is also one of the most visited castles in the World!

Nuremberg is one of the most typical and cute German cities in the whole of Germany. The city not only offers great sightseeing but also it has a delicious traditional dish; the Nuremberg sausages with Sauerkraut and of course with the side of famous Bavarian beer! So if you are looking for a nice cultural tour with a full and happy stomach, Nuremberg is the best city for that! Nuremberg's old town (Altstadt) is divided by the cute river Pegnitz. The part of the north called Sebalder Altstadt and the south part is called Lorenzer Altstadt. The Kaiserburg Castle is on the north-west part of the Nuremberg's old town. In this gigantic castle, you should check the residential wing (Palas), the chapel, the museum and of course the Sinwell Tower. The Sinwell Tower is for 7 Euro and the museum&Palas is 5.50 Euro. The Hauptmarkt is the heart of the Altstadt where the famous Christmas Market settled every year. The square is so fascinating, like the eastern side there is a Gothic church called Frauenkirche and at noon you can witness the clock's figures performed spectacle which is called "Little Men Dancing". And also if you want to get lucky, you can touch the golden ring in the ornate iron gate! If you are traveling with kids, you have to check out the Nuremberg Zoo which is located beautiful hills of Schmausenbuck! Don't forget to visit the St.Sebaldus Church which is the oldest church of Nuremberg from the 13th century. The entry for the church is free! If you want to catch a breath you can sit and enjoy the Gothic fountain, "Schöner Brunnen" which is translated as a beautiful fountain. Or if you are a nature lover, you have to visit Wöhrder Wiese! And I have to admit on summer the Biergarten is amazing at there. :) You need 2 days to explore amazing Nuremberg.

Würzburg is an old city that was founded in the 10th Century. The city of Würzburg is in the center of an important wine producing district and also the starting point of the "romantic road". You will see why is this city is on the "romantic road" after seeing its famous palace which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List! This city not only host an amazing palace but also home to one of the oldest churches in Germany and impressive vineyards. The first stop in this gorgeous city should be the Marienberg Fortress, which is both a baroque styled castle and a church from the 13th Century on top of a hill overlooking the city. This is also an amazing place to take a walk between the old walls that were built after Sweden invaded Germany during the Thirty Years' War. And if you have time, don't forget to walk down to the old city along the Wine Trail. If you like dry white wines with heavy minerality and clean finish, get ready to be drunk because you will love wine in here! The next stop should be the Marienkapelle aka Mary’s Church! This red and white church has a rare gothic style architecture in this baroque city. The Marienkapelle was built in the 14th and heavily damaged during the 20 minute bombing in World War II, but it was rebuilt in the 1950s. After visiting this glorious church, you can take a walk to the Marktplatz to taste the delicious Franconian bratwurst which is a famous sausage here. Or if you are not done with the wine you can eat Winzerbratwurst -another sausage which contains local wine inside the meat mixture! The most important place in Würzburg is the Residenz, which is one of the finest royal palaces in all of Europe, built in 18th Century! The palace is one of the world's masterpieces of baroque style which put it on the UNESCO World Heritage List! The interior will amaze you. You can take a self-guided walking tour after paying 7.50 Euro for entry, or go with a guided walking tour! Don't forget to wander around its beautiful garden! You need a day to explore Würzburg.

With its full name Rothenburg ob der Tauber is the best preserved medieval city in the whole Europe. This pretty town with a rich history is also one of the most picturesque town on earth with its cute houses in every color and gorgeous River Tauber. Let's start exploring the city from its epic old town and St. Jakob's Church (Kirchengemeinde St. Jakob)! Townhall ,located in the Marktplatz of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, is constructed in the 13th century and it is the oldest building of the city. Right next to the Townhall you can see the St. Jakob's Church. This fine old church was constructed in 1485 and inside of this holy place you can get to see the famous Altar of the Holy Blood, Twelve Apostles Altar and 700-year-old stained glass in the East Choir! The next stop is for photography lovers! Plönlein, the most picturesque spot, means little square but trust me it is the cutest spot in the whole Rothenburg. From Siebers Tower till the Kobolzeller Tower, Plönlein is the most adorable place to see and the most cool place to take pictures since the whole place looks like a fairytale! Not only Rothenburg is famous for its picturesque spots, its also famous for its lovely parks and gardens! Another most popular tourist attraction is the Castle Gardens aka Burggarten! In here not only you can mesmerize by the wonderful views of the Old Town and the castle but also you can get to see geometric flower beds, fine sculptures from 17th and 18th century and gorgeous monuments. You need a day to explore Rothenburg.

Miltenberg is a 800-year-old city witnessed a great history while hosting emperors, kings, and even witches! With its Renaissance-style sandstone wells, medieval castle, amazing nature, mystic statues, Miltenberg offers you the most picturesque trip that you can ever imagine! The first stop in this fairytale city should be the Old Market Square. This place stands out with its beautiful half-timbered houses and gorgeous shops. Old Market Square of Miltenberg is definitely a picturesque place to be! Plus it is a fun place to explore and shop while gazing down the historic scenery! In here, you can also taste the delicious local cuisine and enjoy the local wine! After all of that you can also get yourself a fine piece of jewellery and have a fun time while gazing down the famous fountain and a massive Catholic church that was made from scarlet sandstones! After a nice uphill walk from the Market Square, the Miltenberg Castle will welcome you with its grace. It is a bit challenging to climb up the hill of the castle, but trust me, the stunning view at the top makes it all worth it. You can get to see the gorgeous Main river and its bridge, the old town, and the surrounding countryside! After visiting the castle, don't forget to check out its museum as well! You need a day to explore Miltenberg.

Regensburg, a historical city, was founded by Romans by building Castra Regina, the Roman fortress, at the bend of the Danube river in 179 A.D. . But Regensburg is not only famous for its rich history and Roman ruins and also famous by its universities and landmarks dated way back to the Middle Ages which makes the city to be eligible for the UNESCO World Heritage List! In Regensburg, your first stop should be the old medieval town since in here you can see the main landmarks of the city. To reach there you can take the Altstadtbus from the train station. The historical city is next to the Danube river and at the entrance of the old city, the stone bridge will salute you. This old bridge was built between 1135-1136 and more than 300 metres long! To enjoy the amazing view of the stone bridge, you can drink a coffee from the many shops near here and relax! Another glorious landmark of the city is the St Peter's Cathedral aka Regensburg Cathedral. This gothic styled cathedral was built in the year 700 but it was burnt sadly in 1156. The renovation took till 1872 and it is still in use! And of course the famous Roman ruins; Castra Regina! This Roman fortress was built around AD 90 and the amazing part of this fortress is; it is still preserved today! You need a day to explore Regensburg.

Augsburg is a cute city in Bavaria, Germany. The city itself is one of the most ancient cities in the whole of Germany. It is known that city was founded by the stepchildren of Roman emperor Augustus which means that this city has an over 2000 years of history! It makes it perfect for sightseeing, in fact, Augsburg also on the famous Romantic Tour! Not only rich in history, this city was also one of the richest cities in Germany with its banking families, traders, and medieval artisans. The first place to visit in lovely Augsburg is definitely the Rathausplatz. In the middle of the Altstadt aka old town, you can find a pedestrianized square and the Renaissance Rathaus which was built by Elias Holl from 1615 to 1620. With its twin onion-domed spires, Goldener Saal (Golden Hall), gorgeous gilded ceilings and of course with its massive banquet hall, The Rathaus is standing with its grace in the Rathausplatz. In here, you can also enjoy the fountain, Augustusbrunnen, which was built to honor the Roman emperor. The fountain has four figure; the Lech River and the Wertach, Singold and Brunnenbach Brooks. The second stop should be the Schaezlerpalais, the German Baroque Gallery since it has the best collection of the Karl and Magdalene Haberstock Foundation, the Graphic Collection, the Rococo Hall of 1767 and the Staatsgalerie Alte Meister. Inside the gallery, you can also find the artwork by the famous Baroque painters such as; Johann Georg Bergmüller, Johann Evangelist Holzer, and Matthäus Günther, but even inside the gallery is a fine piece of art. And lastly the Augsburger Puppenkiste! This marionette theater in Augsburg is famous for its puppets and modern & classic fairy tales plays! This place has also a rich history regarding shaping the puppet shows! Thanks to this old family business, we have puppet box or puppet chest which is called "Puppenkiste" in German. Today, you can watch plays not only for children, also for adults! After the show, don't forget to check out its museum! You need a day to explore Augsburg.

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