Explore the Cinderella's Castle in Germany!

Alara Benlier | Live the World

November 23, 2022

This magnificient castle in *Bavaria, *Germany , was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria aka "Fairytale King" in 1886. Vey close to the town of Fussen, the Neuschwanstein Castle (New Swanstone Castle) is located in the Alps in Bavaria and has an amazing view since it is on the top of a hill, gazing the Hohenschwangau valley. So when you visit this castle, you will be not only mesmerized by not only the otherworldly castle but also breathtaking lanscapes of the Alps and the valley. No wonder why this castle is also one of the most visited castles in the World!

With its white limestone façade and deep blue turrets, it is no secret that the Neuschwanstein castle is the main inspiration for Walt Disney when it comes to creating castles for the most famous fairytales! It is known that Cinderella's castle are inspired from here but not only that, also Sleeping Beauty's castle was inspired from here too!

But the main inspiration behind this castle is the world-renowned composer, Richard Wagner! King Ludwig built this castle to honor Richard Wagner, in fact the castle’s interior were inspired by Wagner’s character.

Not only the amazing interior or mesmerizing sight, this gorgeous castle also have a very beautiful inner garden. The garden is so perfect, it even has an artificial cave!

After exploring this amazing castle, you can also hike to Marienbrücke to admire the breathtaking views of the waterfall, and around the castle, you can wander around the wooden trails of Bavarian Alps!

Entering the castle is only 13 Euro and if you are under 18, it is free! You can only take a 35 min guided tour which is available in 16 languages in here. Don't mind going there any time of the year, since it looks amazing in every season!

And if you still have time after exploring the Neuschwanstein Castle, you can also check out Hohenschwangau Castle which is King Ludwig II's childhood home. This beautiful castle has also breathtaking views of the valley, lake and mountains, not to mention beautiful rooms... No wonder why they called King Ludwig II as Fairytale King!

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