Nuremberg: Bavaria's Treasure

Alara Benlier | Live the World

November 23, 2022

With its half-timbered houses, medieval castles and churches, Nuremberg is one of the most typical and cute German cities in the whole of Germany. The city not only offers great sightseeing but also it has a delicious traditional dish; the Nuremberg sausages with Sauerkraut and of course with the side of famous Bavarian beer! So if you are looking for a nice cultural tour with a full and happy stomach, Nuremberg is the best city for that! The transportation is also not a problem in here, you can reach the city from its airport or with a train. The subway is also working perfectly to travel in the city. So here are the things that you have to do in Nuremberg!

Enjoy the Medieval Vibes in Kaiserburg!

Nuremberg's old town (Altstadt) is divided by the cute river Pegnitz. The part of the north called Sebalder Altstadt and the south part is called Lorenzer Altstadt. The Kaiserburg Castle is on the north-west part of the Nuremberg's old town. In this gigantic castle, you should check the residential wing (Palas), the chapel, the museum and of course the Sinwell Tower. The Sinwell Tower is for 7 Euro and the museum&Palas is 5.50 Euro.

Feel the Fairytale feeling at the Hauptmarkt!

The Hauptmarkt is the heart of the Altstadt where the famous Christmas Market settled every year. The square is so fascinating, like the eastern side there is a Gothic church called Frauenkirche and at noon you can witness the clock's figures performed spectacle which is called "Little Men Dancing". And also if you want to get lucky, you can touch the golden ring in the ornate iron gate!

Learn the Great History with Museums

For the museum lovers, there are plenty of options in Nuremberg! For kids, the Toy Museum is a must visit place! The Germanisches Nationalmuseum is one of the largest museums of art and crafts about German-speaking countries. The transportation museum is consist of two parts, for trains and for the communication. It also has a children area which makes it perfect for families who travels with their children. The new museum shows art and design from 1945 till today, so it is a great place for art lovers! And the Nazi Documentation Center is a great place to learn the history of how Nazis emerged power, how Nazis fascinated the people and everything about the Nazi party & the world war. If you are also interested in the city's history, Fembohaus City museum which was a merchant's house back in the 1600s, is a great place to visit.

And more fascinating Places!

If you are traveling with kids, you have to check out the Nuremberg Zoo which is located beautiful hills of Schmausenbuck! Don't forget to visit the St.Sebaldus Church which is the oldest church of Nuremberg from the 13th century. The entry for the church is free! If you want to catch a breath you can sit and enjoy the Gothic fountain, "Schöner Brunnen" which is translated as a beautiful fountain. Or if you are a nature lover, you have to visit Wöhrder Wiese! And I have to admit on summer the Biergarten is amazing at there. :)

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