Endless Green in North Yorkshire

It would be a close fight between Yorkshire, Dorset and Cornwall, but Yorkshire is one of the most beautiful parts of the country (and maybe even the world). The real advantage that Yorkshire has over the other sis pure space. The North York Moor National Park (North York Moors) is a 1400 square kilometre expanse of rolling hills, gentle greens slopes and the largest coverage of heather in the UK. With just over 20,000 people living in this huge area (obviously mostly in towns), you will need to spend a lot of time walking around to see anyone. I'm going to talk about the two different types of areas in the national parks below.

Incredible Pasture land

The green open fields, often bordered by ancient and crumbling stone walls are part of the huge farming land that Yorkshire is mostly made of. I grew up and spent the first 10 years of my life in Yorkshire, and the strongest memories are of the farming communities near which I lived, and the slow, gentle and indestructible way of life. Some of the hardiest and most kind people live hard lives in these northern areas of the UK. These are people who just get on with their lives regardless of the weather or the world around them. These areas can sometimes feel quite isolated but that can be a good thing as well.

The picture above shows Rievaulx Abbey which is in one of these expansive green landscapes. An ideal location for peaceful and detached living, this now ruined abbey once held Cistercian monks attempting to escape the revelry, sin and business of their own modern world. The visitors to this wreck are often attempting to do the same now!

Purple and soft heather

There are few things as incredible as spending a day walking in the fields and flowers of this national park, but one experience in particular stands out to me. Lying on a bed of soft and comfy heather which carpets many square kilometres in the park is an unparalleled experience. The Yorkshire air feels like some of the freshest and most free, and amongst a field of purple heather it manages to feel even better.

The national park is close to the historical city of York, and also to Whitby, which is a slightly unusual northern sea-side town. Although the weather is rarely perfect, Whitby is still a beautiful, picturesque and calmly quiet village that is fantastic to escape life in.

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