Cities You Can Visit in a Day in Germany!

Alara Benlier | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Germany offers so much stuff for its visitors! This large country in Europe is full of surprises with its rich history, unique cultures, delicious food, traditions, historical places and of course its beer! After staying in Germany a little more than a year, I can say that I interiorized the word "efficiency" in here. Very German of me I guess, but the point is, this made me travel in a more efficient way since I had little time but a great interest in travelling. As you know I am writing "Day in Series" to share my experiences with you, that's why I wanted to wite an umbrella story to cover them up! Since backpacking is the new black recently, if you don't have much time and on a budget but love to travel, here is my guide to explore Germany while staying all the cities just 1 day each!

I will give you two routes to follow and you can choose one of them based on your time. First one will be the long one if you have a week to kill and second one will be a short one if you have 3-4 days to travel. So if you are ready, let's start!

First Route (1 week)

We are going to start with a city which is famous for its world famous breweries and its football team; Dortmund! You can reach the city from Dortmund Airport and enjoy 18th-19th Century buildings like churches! If you are a football fan you can start exploring the city from Westfalenstadion which is the highlight of the city! After that you can visit the "Hohensburg", where you can see the ruins of the Syburg dated back to 1100. You also have to stop by the Romanesque church, "Marienkirche" ,which is the oldest church of Dortmund! But don't forget to drink Stösschen which is a traditional beer and eat Salzkuchen mit Mett and Mettente before you leave this gorgeous city to go to next stop; Bochum!

Bochum is the most artistic city in Ruhr area with its historical places between wide streets and modern buildings! The highlights of the city are the Haus Kemnade which is a popular tourist attraction with its 17th Century walls, Grumbt and the Ostasiatika collection, treasure room and with its restaurant, Christuskirche which is the prettiest church in Europe and of course The City Hall! After Bochum, its time to...

Essen! Essen is very popular with its famous UNESCO listed coal mines, Krupp family and a great history! The world's most beautiful coal mine in famous Bauhaus architecture, Zollverein Coal Mine, is waiting for you in here! If you want to get to know the Krupp Family better, you have to check out Villa Hügel. This impressive chateau is not just a living history, it also hosts an art museum and a concert venue! And another plus: you can also take a peaceful walk in the chateaus amazing garden after visiting Villa Hügel.

After Essen, let's explore the city with nice museums for contemporary art and history lovers; Duisburg! If you want to check out collection of globes and maps made by Gerhard Mercator-aka the inventor of atlas- you have to check out Cultural and Local History Museum in Königsberg. The Küppersmühle Museum is also another must see museum in Duisburg, if you are into contemporary and modern art. You can find this museum in a former brick warehouse! Don't forget to taste the König Pilsener since it is the hometown before the next stop; Bonn!

Bonn is one of the most cultural city in the Germany where also the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven that's why you have to check out Beethovenhaus which is the world's one of the greatest composers house! After that it is time for history! To get a little bit insight of the city, you have to check the nsterplatz where the famous Münster Basilica stands gracefully. This gothic church is open from 7 am till 7 pm and it is in the city center. Inside the church, a very nice smell welcome you because of the centuries of incense burning! And the final stop; Frankfurt!

Frankfurt is the city of business and history with its skyscrapers and beautiful historical places. It is also the best place to have a one day trip while enjoying the best famous Frankfurter sausage! merberg is the historical old town center of Frankfurt which has very cute half timbered houses. Here every timbered house has its own name. After merberg you have to definitely visit the Emperor's Cathedral. This charming Cathedral was burned in 1867 and soon after it was reconstructed in neo-Gothic style. And let's not forget the Fountain of Justice! If you want to do more cultural activities you have to check out the Goethe House where legendary German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe lived and Museum für Moderne Kunst aka Museum of Modern Arts!

Well, you made it! That was the first route, but if you don't have that much time you can also try the second route!

Second Route (3-4 Days)

The Second route starts with Frankfurt, so you can check out the activities above! After Frankfurt, it is time to Marburg!

Marburg is a cute old city with lots of 17th and 18th century "Hessische" architecture. So you have to start traveling in here from the old city town where you can check out the Germany's oldest gothic church! Visiting the Elisabeth Church is a definitely worth seeing and you will be mesmerize while wandering around the old city while hearing the ancient voice of this church's bells. You can also take an relaxing and enjoyable hiking trip to the Spiegelslustturm and experience the most romantic sunsets over the wonderful view of Marburg.

After Marburg, it is time for Fulda! Fulda is a small cute city with it's simple feeling between the Rhön and Vogelsberg mountains. In here your first stop should be the Stadtschloss or the Residence of Fulda. This palace was built between 1708 and 1714. Inside the Stadtschloss, you can find a porcelain collection and if you want to have a look at Fulda's amazing view, you should visit the palace's tower. Don't miss the extensive garden of the palace and the large fountain too! Right after that, you have to check out the Fulda Cathedral! The cathedral was built around 1700s and it is counted as a birthplace of Catholic Christianity in Central Europe.

And the last but not least; Erfurt with its adorable half-timbered houses. Your first stop in Erfurt should be the Domplatz, where you can see Dom aka the Cathedral and Severi Kirche aka Severi Church! The Dome of Erfurt is also known as St Mary's Cathedral and it is a Gothic styled cathedral which was constructed in the 14th Century. As I said before, Erfurt is famous for its half-timbered houses and the best place to check them out is at the Krämerbrücke! This old bridge is also known as the Merchants' bridge which, was built in the 15th Century. This famous tourist attraction doesn't just offer a wonderful view but also offers art handcraft and souvenir shops that you can shop for traditional artwork. And lastly you have to check out the Old Synagogue. It is one of the oldest medieval synagogue of Germany which dates way back to the 11th Century. Today, it is in use as a museum where you can find collection of 12th-14th century religious texts of the medieval Jewish community of Erfurt, Erfurt treasure, medieval coins, goldsmiths' work and jewellery! After that you have to eat the the famous sausage of Erfurt, Thüringer Bratwurst!


If you are freaky enough and have more time like two weeks, you can also combine the both routes starting from Dortmund, Bochum, Essen, Duisburg, Bonn, Frankfurt and then continue with Marburg, Fulda and Er[furt](!

So if you want to visit Germany, find your inspiration on itinari now!

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