Siófok, the Hungarian Ibiza

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Siófok, the Hungarian Ibiza

Regardless, if you would like to go out, sun-bathe, if you are a fan of the beach or rather the experience-baths, if you are young or more of an easygoing, family person, Siófok is able to fulfill everyone’s demands maximally. The town at the Balaton’s south-eastern tip is the biggest of the lake-side cities, and is definitely the most vivid as well. Although the local population is only 25,000, owing to the great amount of tourists, the Hungarian Ibiza, as some say, sparkles throughout the whole beach-season.


Siófok’s most intense district is the famous Aranypart (means Golden-shore) beyond question, of which pedestrian street, Petőfi-sétány is visited by tourists’s mass day and night. You can just hang out here, walk some, eat something delicious, buy souvernirs, but the main attraction though is the various ways of amusement, parties I mean, which concentrate mainly here on Petőfi-sétány. The city’s nicest beach can be found here too, to which though you have to pay admission, but it’s of pretty high standard with its white sand, beach soccer court, outdoor gym, pool and restaurants, etc. During the day, regardless of age, it provides perfect free time activities for everyone, but from around 11 pm mainly youngsters and the ones, who came for fun cover the place. Due to the dancer-girls, being in incomplete dresses at some units, the considered shall take care, that little boys and girls be somewhere else in this part of the day, if not in bed.

Best clubs of Siófok

The city’s number one club is Palace Dance Club, which can be found on Ezüstpart, 4 km from the pedestrian street. In the disco there is both indoor and outdoor section, but it has also a night club, and at the outdoor area, there’s even a pool placed in the middle, where occasionally pool parties are organized. In Palace such big names have been on stage before, like DJ Tiesto, Carl Cox, etc., just to picture the prestige of the place. Furthermore, we must mention the clubs of Petőfi sétány, as dance clubs’ whole range is here on the town’s pedestrian street. Just to pick maybe the best ones: Tesók, Renegade, Pub Daddy and Captain Morgen-party ship. My personal favourite is Tesók, if you guys let me give you an advice, you definitely check it out, if you are about to go out in Siófok. Well, basically, I prefer the pedestrian street over the two other discos anyway. You can similarly find Plázs on Petőfi-sétány, which is one of the most prominent scene of party faces at Balaton. With its white sand it provides a royal spot for sunbathing, as part of the beach, while at night and on programdays it turns into a complete VIP section. It’s suitable for concerts too, with its huge stage and widely spaced, sandy ground. Understandably, organizers take advantage of this.

Everyone is warmly welcome

Beyond party faces, families are also greeted with open arms in Siófok, the Hungarian Ibiza, since the town has a pretty pleasant milieu. Apart from the beach, the pedestrian street and discos, you’ll have a bunch of shops (grocery and clothes’), including a shopping mall, opportunities for sports and cultural programs. The best way to point out the popularity of Siófok might be, that regarding guestnights’ spent in the town, it’s the 3rd most wanted city in Hungary, though it bustles only for 5 months really.

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