Pretty English villages part 2

This is the second part of this short series, looking at some of the most peaceful, beautiful and happy little villages in England. The first part looked at Castle Combe in Wilstshire, as well as Castleton in Yorkshire. Although it's not something that a lot of people do, I think that a driving tour of England to check out this stunning little places could be a perfect trip, and one that would show you a lot about the country and the people who live there.

Whitby - Dracula and ruined abbeys

Whitby is a seaside village to some, a film location to others and just a peaceful little town to others. Located on the east coast of Yorkshire, the wet and windy weather is not typically the ideal place to enjoy a beach holiday, and normally I would agree, but I'm more than happy to make an exception for Whitby. Although you might not find blazing sunshine and tanned, elegant locals sipping white wine, nonetheless this is one of the most pretty seaside towns I have ever been to.

The town is also steeped in history, with continuous habitation since the mid-7th Century. In the photo above you can see the ruins of Whitby Abbey on the hillside. I've featured Rievaulx Abbey and Whitby abbey in another article about the natural beauty in Yorkshire.

Whitby is known for its fish and chips, its incredibly friendly and welcoming locals and as being as incredible place to escape from a chaotic modern world and see a bit or older England, preserved in both architecture and lifestyle.

Snowshill - Gloucestershire

Another village from the Cotswold hills, an area internationally known for it's peace, natural beauty and isolation from the busy city life, is Snowshill. Snowshill is also another stone cottage packed place, with only traditionally constructed buildings to be seen. One of the best parts of Snowshill (and really all of these villages), is that they are much more connected to the surrounding wildlife and natural setting than any city or town. Due to fairly harsh building restrictions and limitations, there are very rarely new, modern constructions, which really maintains a strong sense of architectural continuity and consistency. There is the Snowshill Manor nearby, as well as the stunning and colourful lavender fields that the village is primarily famous for.

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