Nin: just nature and beautiful beaches

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Nin is a place of amazing history where each stone and each corner hide some stories.  A place of coronation of many Croatian kings, a place that has the world's smallest cathedral, a place where Grgur Ninski advocated for the folk language in the church... all that is Nin. But also, Nin is the site where you will enjoy your summer vacation on the longest sandy beach in Croatia. Nin, its beaches and amazing nature are craving for your attention. 

A beach in Nin; Photo © credits: xbrchx

Nature, nature, nature

Just a few things that make Nin perfect are: the tranquilityprice (it's not very expensive) and position (close to the highway that connects all major Croatian cities). Besides that, Nin is located in the lagoon with the same name (Ninska laguna), which makes the water calm and perfect for swimming, sailing on small boats and great for families. The parents shouldn't be afraid because there are no big waves and the water is pretty much shallow. Don't forget that Nin is European Best Romantic Destination. Hence, many people recommend it for the honeymoon destination or even one of the stops. 

A couple on the beach in Nin; Photo © credits: Alexander Wolff

While you are visiting Nin, don't miss to see all those natural beauties around. What makes Nin and Zadar perfect destinations is the vicinity of both - the mountains and sea. So, there is something for everyone. Speaking of mountains, you should visit Paklenica National Park and enjoy its wilderness and perfect views of the Adriatic Sea. Zadar nature tour on the bicycle will be the best for two-wheeled enthusiasts.  For all party lovers - Pag, the party island is less than 60 minutes from Nin. And if you want to see my favorite national park in Croatia, then from Nin, you can easily go to see and feel peaceful and quiet waters of Telašćica Nature park.

Family seaside paradise - Zaton Holiday Resort

Just 4 km from the city center of Nin, you will find yourself in the family paradise. Zaton Holiday Resort offers three types of accommodation: apartments, camping, and mobile houses. Nice and calm water, camping site, swimming areas, diving clubs, forest, games, and toys for kids... what do you need more for a perfect family vacation?

Zaton Holiday Resort; Photo © credits: xbrchx

The Queen's Beach 

And the best at the end - Queen's Beach (Kraljičina plaža) is 3 km long sandy beach.  On a walking distance from the city of Nin, Queen's beach is one of the most beautiful in Croatia and the longest among the sandy ones. This is the beach where you can start and where you should end your visit to Nin, its nature and beautiful beaches

The Queen's Beach, Nin; Photo © credits: xbrchx

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