Cycle around Zadar region - nature tour

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

After visiting National park Paklenica an idea came up to my mind. Why not going on an island on a bicycle, of course using a ferry. Many people know that I am a huge bicycle fan. I wrote how to visit Zagreb and get to know Istria on a bicycle. Besides those stories, I suggested you how to visit Zadar county and its villages and towns on a bicycle. Now, let's visit mountains, islands, and rivers around Zadar County, of course on a two-wheeler. You will do something great for both nature and yourself.

Five places will be included in this nature bike tour, all of them in the Zadar County: National Park Paklenica, Kanjon Zrmanje od Obrovca do Ušća, Novigradsko more, Zadar and Dugi Otok.


Let's start this green bike route from the top - so, in Paklenica, the national park. As I mentioned in the article about National Park Paklenica, beautiful views are guaranteed and now, let's catch them and see everything that is visible. After going down from Paklenica you will enter Jadranska magistrala and on that way, you will come across bay and canyon of the Zrmanja river. It's only 18km long ride and the view is splendid. You won't be able to stop there so take a quick picture and move on. Over less than 10km is Novigradsko more. This wonder of nature is actually a nice natural bay of the Adriatic Sea that enters the continent. Novigradsko more is perfect for camping so, get off your bicycle here and spend one night.


After Novigrad and Novigradsko more it's time to get back to Zadar and catch a ferry for the islands. All details (prices and timetables) about ferries in Zadar and Croatia you can find here. The ride is around 80 minutes long with the beautiful view of mountains up behind and islands all around (of course you will be allowed to get on a ferry with your bicycle). Once you are on the Dugi Otok island I would suggest you to stay as long as you can. I would suggest visiting Telašćica nature park. After Dugi Otok and Telašćica, if you still have the desire to go back, the same ferry will take you back to Zadar or you can continue to discover some of the numerous Adriatic islands.

In the end, let me write few more lines in homage to bicycles and all cyclists. And let me repeat that there are many benefits of riding a bicycle. To mention just a few: it's good for you (health benefits are countless and also it helps you in the fight against the stress) and it's good for nature (it will reduce exhausted gasses and it will reduce the traffic in the cities). Visiting another country and its beauties is more fun and more interesting while you are on a bicycle. One can move faster and easier within the cities and nature; also, less damage one will cause to the environment, especially today when nature is in a big danger.

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