Pag as a party island and Zrće as its party capital

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Lika-Senj County (Ličko-senjska županija) is a home for many natural beauties and wanders. Two of them are National Park Plitvička jezera and National park Northern Velebit. Only one island is part of this county of Croatia and it's island Pag (its smaller part, the other one is part of the Zadar County). In recent years, the island of Pag became popular for its Zrće beach and its parties. Famous for many things but the most important thing is - partying on the Zrće beach - unofficial Croatian party capital. With that said, this place could be named as a party island.

It might look like a deserted island or one on a Moon's surface. But that's only one part of the island (east side of it) and blue sea and sandy beaches make this island perfect for both short and long stays. Pag is one of the biggest Adriatic islands and it's famous for its cheese (Paški sir) and Pag lace (Paška čipka) but let’s focus on the party for now.


If you are coming by car from mainland or the city of Zadar then you will cross the Pag bridge (Paški most). The road is kind of boring, with not much vegetation, and just a few small settlements. But, since you are here because of the party, then you must be well equipped with good music and great company. After crossing the Pag bridge it will take some 30-40 minutes (or 40-ish kilometers) to get to the place where all is about the party and partying hard. Zrće, Croatian famous party beach. Well-known for its Spring Break Europe festival that takes part at the end of May. Novalja is the town which Zrće beach belongs to. Novalja is small and place where you will meet with history face to face. It's a city with old churches, archaeological sites and nice marine with its own cove. From Novalja, you can walk to Zrće beach, instead you can rent a bicycle or a car. I prefer walking because it's only 4 kilometers and a big part of the walk is through a nice and dense forest. If you prefer camping there are few camping spots. Usually, people who come here for party stay in camps close to Zrće beach or, as they say, they never sleep. And it's like that, music and party are all day, all night long. If you love dance, techno and house as a music genres, if you love the island and Mediterranean climate than, if you like to dance on the beach under the moonlight and under the sunlight then Zrće beach is the only place to kick off your summer vacation.


How to get there: Pag island is nicely connected with mainland Croatia and other Croatian islands. Closest airports are Zadar and Rijeka but Split or Zagreb are not so far. The only connection with the mainland is from Zadar side over the Pag bridge (from Zadar to Pag it's only 30km). There is ferry line Prizna-Žigljen on the north part of Pag and it takes only 15 minutes to get from the mainland to island.

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