Hiking in Armenia: individually or with operators

Lusine Vardanyan | Live the World

November 23, 2022

When the weather is good and you have explored almost everything in the city of Yerevan, what is left is to search for hiking destinations in Armenia. There are many of them, but besides trying to hike individually, it is also possible to have guides to be on a safe side not to get lost and make sure you have explored all the interesting spots without missing anything. In this regard, a hiking tour operator can be very helpful as they always pick beautiful destinations. It is possible to join their already arranged trips that are designed for groups or you can check the information on their FB page and contact them directly. The guided hiking tours do not cost much (depends on the length of course) and vary from ten to twenty euros. The good thing is that the price usually includes the transfer to the starting point and back to the capital Yerevan

Some do offer destinations that are not very common, and it is really an exciting experience to explore spots that are less known by hiking lovers. Besides, they also give their hikers the tips on what to wear (shoes, clothes, hat), what to take with them, info on weather, and so on. 

A good thing about hiking in Armenia is that nature is really fantastic. The country is very mountainous and stony, which makes hiking even more fun as you have to overcome many small obstacles on your way. 

picture © credits to Armenian geographic FB page

Many people make their way here just for hiking and climbing, and usually, everybody’s expectations are realized. Among the destinations that you can find in their offers are Ilkasar and the angel’s gorge. Ilkasar is a mount whose height is 1462 meters. It is located in the Ararat Province of Armenia. Another interesting spot you may consider is mount Ajdahak (3597 meters), which is the highest peak of the Geghama Hill chain in the Gegarkunik Province. 

In case you pick the Khosrov Forest State Reserve, you will be given a chance not only to explore the historical monuments that are left there but also to swim by the waterfalls of that area. However, be aware that you can find hundreds of other options on any local hiking tour operator's website.

picture © credits to Armenian geographic FB page/ Sipan Grig

Armenian hiking operators have a huge list of destinations to offer both in Armenia and beyond its borders. If you ask me, the best among them is the Armenian Geographic hiking operator, so I would advise you to visit their FB page and check the 'events' section. Otherwise, check their list and maybe try to make your way to those places individually. I am sure that once you hike in Armenia, it will make you be back here again.

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