Old but gold: The capital city Yerevan

Lusine Vardanyan | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Today I'll tell you about Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, which is old but gold. Believe it or not, after visiting the richest and the most fascinating cities in the world, tourists come to Yerevan and fall in love with it. Yerevan vibes are wholly different from what you have experienced before. People here do not say “we like Yerevan”. Instead, they say “we love Yerevan” as if it is a person, and even celebrate its birthday every year similar way as they would celebrate their own birthday. They take care of it like it’s their own home, and as a response to their love, Yerevan starts to breathe and becomes lively.


King Argishti l established the city in 782 BC and named it Erebuni, but the name was later changed to Yerevan. Erebuni fortress is located in the southeastern suburbs of Yerevan, and the Erebuni Museum nearby represents its historical and archaeological culture.

Here, in downtown Yerevan, you feel the presence of the modern world, while immediately next to it there are many buildings that have a history to tell. Republic Square is the heart of Yerevan. The ticking and tocking of the large clock, located in the square, serves as a reminder that in this ancient city, life goes on.


Yerevan is located in the Ararat Plain. The biblical mountain of Ararat is an icon of Armenia that dominates the skyline of Yerevan and is seen from almost all the corners of the city. The two brothers, Masis and Sis (the two peaks of the mountain), stay patrolling day and night to make sure everything in the city is in order.


After meeting the sunrise with a stunning panorama by Victory Park, right in front of the statue of Mother Armenia, you can begin exploring the city. It has 400 historical and cultural monuments, 57 museums, 18 theaters, as well as many galleries. There are countless cafes, wine houses, pubs, as well as restaurants, where you can find local and international food. You can visit Vernissage (the open air market), Tsitsernakaberd (the genocide memorial), the History Museum of Armenia, Ararat brandy museum and many other sites. There are numerous fun attractions to be found throughout the city for both adults and children.


In the evenings, when the streetlights turn on in the capital city Yerevan, it transforms in color and mood. Everywhere you can hear the laughter of young people, songs, dances and music. At the end of the day, sitting on the steps of Cascade with a bottle of local wine or beer, enjoy the beauty of each passing moment and make plans for your next day in this old city.

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