Dining at the best fish-restaurants around Balaton Lake

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The Lake Balaton and its region have a lot to offer in every aspect. Moreover, its closest point to Budapest is only a 45-minute drive from the capital. During summertime, the best thing you could do every Friday afternoon is to pack your stuff and head to the biggest lake in Central Europe. At least, that is exactly what I do myself; thus, I've discovered some of the best places around the lake. Whether it comes to hiking, eating, having ice cream, partying, or just finding the best beaches, I can help you in finding the best place around. This time, I am going to guide you to the best fish-restaurants around Balaton Lake for having a dining experience** **with a view. 

András Buffet, Balatonszemes

For this culinary experience, you have to visit Balatonszemes located on the southern coast. András, the owner, has been providing his beloved guests with heavenly fish since the ‘80s. He counts as a true legend in the neighbourhood. Old school design, spectacular view, and a cool “vin ordinaire” (meaning white wine and soda); you will get everything that you expect from a classic fish-restaurant.

Photo © Credit to András Büfé / Facebook

Halas Karcsi, Zamárdi

Halas Karcsi is another excellent reason to visit Zamárdi, beside Balaton Sound, the fun programs like Forgó Ring and the Adventure Park, and the town’s beautiful beaches. You can find this retro fish-restaurant at the intersection of Mókus and Kálmán Imre streets. Halas Karcsi (meaning Fish Charles) seems to be in the middle of nowhere, but everybody is aware of the place, trust me. The owner has been in the business for more than 30 years: the routine speaks for itself.

Photo © Credit to Halas Karcsi / Facebook

Oszi Bácsi’s Bream Bakehouse, Szigliget

Oszi Bácsi or Uncle Oszi if you like, is 72 years old, but still cooks breams, pikeperches and trouts himself at the beach of Szigliget. It is worth coming here the whole dining experience and not only the fish, as Uncle Oszi has a beautiful personality. He doesn’t know what stress and rush are; he cooks the food as long as it’s necessary, even if there are a lot of people waiting for the order. The bream is my personal favourite – it’s always crispy and delicious. An extra tip: don’t forget to visit the Castle of Szigliget, if you are nearby.

Photo © Credit to Oszi Bácsi Keszeg Sütödéje / Facebook

Sió Fish Restaurant, Siófok

I usually eat pikeperch at Sió Fish Restaurant, but they have recently developed a new menu, that brought new flavours as well. I like their fish burger and the trout the most. The trout is fried, while the breadcrumbs are baked to perfection. You can feel with each bite that the fish have been carefully prepared. As for the fish burger, even though the bun and the toppings are nothing special, the deep-fried trout inside is something out of this world. You won't be disappointed if you decide to go, they call the lake Hungarian Ibiza.

Photo © Credit to Sió Halsütő / Facebook

These great places came to my mind first when thinking about dining at the excellent fish restaurant near Balaton. I suggest you try all of them if you have the opportunity – for instance, during your bike trip around Balaton. As you might know, fish has a high fat-soluble vitamin and mineral content, it’s filling, and an excellent dietary choice, so you should not forget to eat it regularly for the sake of your health. In one of my upcoming articles, I will show you some great beaches around Lake Balaton, so stay tuned. By then, have dinner in one of the best fish-restaurants at the “Hungarian Sea”, as we Hungarians like to call it.

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