Czechia- the land of a 1000 castles

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Czechia lies in central Europe and is known to many as the heart of Europe. Czechia is home to more than 1200 castles and châteaux, which are spread all over the country. Along with the castles come stunning gardens, fortresses, scenic landscapes, and numerous legends. 

Depending on the castle you decide to visit, some tours will include tour guides with historical costumes, music and other customs that originate from the specific castle. You might have already heard of and visited the Prague castle, which is known as one of the most important sights when visiting the Czech capital. This article will aim to cover some of the most prominent and beautiful castles in Czechia; however, the list is not exhaustive.

Chateau Nove Mesto nad Metuji

One of my favorites on the list is the Chateau Nove Mesto nad Metuji, which is probably one of the most unique castle structures I have seen. Because of its significance, it is also on the list of Czech National Cultural Landmarks. This castle pretty much has it all, from amazing gardens, perfect view, and unique architecture. The chateau is located around 150 kilometers from Prague, close to the town of Hradec Kralove.

© novemestonm

Castle Kasperk

Next on my list would be Castle Kasperk, located on a mountain called Kasperske Hory (mountains). It is also the highest located castle in all of Czechia and dates back to 1356 as it served as a surveillance point for the gold-rich region. Once you reach the castle you will be mesmerized by its gothic architecture, and most importantly an incredible view of the Sumava National Park. Note that Sumava national park is a popular place for hikers and anyone else with an outdoor spirit.

© istock/PertBonek

Divci Kamen

Divci Kamen (maiden stone) is a rather famous castle in Czechia but what is most interesting about it, is that it’s actually abandoned. The castle is made out of gothic style architecture and resides on a rocky hilltop, right next to the river Vltava. The Vltava also runs through the capital Prague. It is located close to Ce[sky Krumlov]( about 170 kilometers south from Prague. 

© istock/Sangriana

Hruba Skala

Hruba Skala is a renaissance castle that transformed into a luxury hotel. It is situated close to the town of Turnov, and in the middle of the Bohemian Paradise. The fort resides on a hill of rocks, which measure up to 60 meters in height. Even though this castle has turned into a hotel, it is still possible to visit its courtyard and the castle tower. If you would like a full fairytale experience, you can also plan your wedding at the castle, and arrive at the venue on a horse carriage. 

© istock/Castka

Karlstejn castle

Karlstejn Castle is one of the most known castles in Czechia. The palace holds the Czech crown jewels on display and is definitely a must-see. You can find more details about the castle in a separate story. 

© istock/VrabelPeter1

Zvikov Castle

Zvikov Castle is yet another fairytale-like castle, which has an attached bridge to it and gates- just like in the old times. It is surrounded by nature, hilltops, rocks, and water, and has an incredible view of the Vltava River. 

© istock/Fylettov

Bitov castle

Last but certainly not least on my list is the Bitov castle, which is probably one of the oldest but most romantic castles. Bitov castle dates back to the 11th century, and it is also the largest castles located in the Moravian region. It is located around 25 kilometers from Znojmo (which is definitely worth a visit as well). 

© Czechtourism/Ladislav Renner

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