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Hi there, my name is Maša, I was born in Croatia but moved all over Europe with my family at a young age. I spent my youth in Czechia, and Prague became my new home for six years. After Prague, I studied International Law and European Diplomacy, in London, Strasbourg and Bruges. I am currently based in Brussels. I like trying local and traditional dishes; some of my favorite cuisines are Italian and Asian. I am passionate about yoga, skiing, running and any kind of outdoor activity. I love spending time in the nature and by the sea. By being a world traveller, I feel like a citizen of the world, and love to experience how other people around us live and what their values are. I also like learning new languages. What I always find eye opening when traveling, is witnessing the traditions and the culture of the local population. Throughout my stories, I will be sharing with you, some of the most stunning places in Denmark and Czechia, this also includes cafes and restaurants, sports and outdoor venues. Join me on this beautiful adventure as we discover the secret gems of Czechia and Denmark.

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