The Land of Amusement Parks

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Denmark is well-known for the variety and amount of the amusement parks it hosts. Whether they are theme parks, aqua parks or activity parks, you can find them all. Some amusement parks in Denmark have made it high to the list as "Europe's best". 

Tivoli Gardens

If you happen to be in Copenhagen, you have to plan a visit to the Tivoli Gardens amusement park, located close to the City Hall and not far from the Central Station. Tivoli dates back to 1843 and has since become a great national and international attraction, which even Walt Disney himself has visited. The park has something for all generations, and it turns into this fairytale-like attraction at night, when it's all lit. P.S., for anyone whose cup of tea are the roller coasters, Tivoli’s oldest ride from 1914, the wooden Roller Coaster, is one of the seven roller coasters worldwide, which actually has a "brakeman" on board during every ride.    

© Photo: danefromspain

The beauty of Tivoli is that it changes throughout the seasons. Hence you can enjoy its charms in the warm summer days, but also get cosy during the wintertime with all the decorations and Ch[ristmas festivities. ](

© Photo: stigalenas


Legoland is probably one of the most known amusement parks worldwide, and to some extent consequently, a popular attraction for tourists. It is located in the north city of Billund. The park includes everything from rollercoasters, and LEGO animals to a new addition to the park marking its 50th anniversary, the LEGO Canoe. You can also experience a new 4D LEGO Ninjago movie. 

© Photo: ricochet64

Fårup Sommerland

Fårup Sommerland was voted as the second best amusement park in Europe in 2015 and for three years in a row. It's located in the northern Jutland, not far from the town of Løkken and Blockhus. Fårup has the largest "water world" in Denmark, but also a vast amount of attractions for the younger generation. This amusement park is wonderful as it offers something for all members of the family, and is located next to a forest, which makes it ideal for an outdoor family daytrip. A new 2018 feature to the park, is the Golf Island composed of 12 holes, suitable for the whole family and all levels. The park is also known for its 4D cinema, which you can enjoy after the aqua rides along with free barbecue

© Photo: FårupSommerland

BonBon Land 

BonBon Land is located 100km away from Copenhagen, in Zealand. Like numerous other amusement parks in Denmark, BonBon Land is very family oriented, as it pleases not only the young crowd but also the adults; from the adventurous Cowboy City and plenty of roller coaster rides, to water activities in the summer time, at Pelle Piratsprøjt. For those seeking an adrenalin rush, try out the Svend Svingarm swing ride, turning at 115km/hour and 44 meters up high. The map of the park is divided into numerous categories; quiet, moving, wild and extreme. So have a pick, and have fun!    

© Photo: BonBon Land

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