Czechia’s pearl, Hradec Kralove

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Hradec Kralove is located just under two hours away from the capital, Prague. The city contains a lot of history, culture, and especially architecture. The architecture throughout the city can be seen through a combination of Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic but also modern work.

Hradec Kralove is the country’s mecca for IT services, electronics, and photochemicals, which all contribute significantly to the country’s economy. The reason why Hradec Kralove, is the pearl of East Bohemia, is due to its charms, sublime nature, but also by the fact that it hasn’t been taken over by tourists. Most importantly, many of the things that you do and see in Prague can also be done in Hradec Kralove, but at a lower cost. 

Some of the top picks of things to see and do in Hradec Kralove

The first stop is at the White Tower, dating back to 1574,** **from which you can get a stunning view of the city at 72 meters of height. In your periphery, you will also be able to see the Krkonose Mountains, which is a popular place for winter activities, as well as hiking and climbing. As you descend the tower, take your time to explore the streets of the city and especially its architecture. 

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A fun way of discovering the city and its surroundings is by embarking on a riverboat tour. The steamboat will take you for an hour-long ride on river Elbe departing from Smetanovo Nabrezi (quay), where you can get a few nice shots of the picturesque landscape. One thing you should look out for is the hydroelectric power plant, which actually resembles a museum because of its Art Nouveau style. 

© istock/ShevchenkoAndrey

An extremely fun activity that I would highly recommend is the Krkonose Tree Top Trail. This is not your usual everyday visit to the park, but rather a visit to a tree tower made of an around 1.3 kilometers long trail. Its total height is 45 meters. So as you walk or climb up, you will also come across different points and stops where you can read facts about your surroundings and the local environment. It’s a rather unique and fun activity to do with your family, yet you also get to learn something new. After you have completed your climb and gave it all you could, you actually get to make your way back down via a slide. Don’t worry, it is not a kids' slide only, but made for adults as well. 

© jansky potok

More adventures & castles

Last but not least, if you have extra time and your own means of transport, check out the Gothic Hradek u Nechanic (castle), or the incredible fortress of the Kuneticka Hora.

© istock/Castka
© istock/Ccat82

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